Top High Schools in SA - 2011

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The following table lists the 2011 best (top quarter among all schools) secondary schools in South Australia. English and Maths are rated with 5 grades while the overall academic performance has 3 rating scales for you to choose. Related ratings: Top Adelaide Secondary Schools | Top Adelaide Non-government Secondary Schools | Top Adelaide Government Secondary Schools | SA Secondary School Ratings. Alternatively you can compare up to 5 SA secondary schools and trends with 2D / 3D charts side by side. For other types of results or rankings, please visit School Ranking Home. There are a large range of factors that impact on academic results in addition to the role played by the school itself. These include the SES (Socio Economic Status) background of students, whether the school is selective in its student intake, etc. It is for the reader to do his own research and draw his or her own conclusions.

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Lowest: 1, 6, 60 - Highest: 5, 10, 100
If you cannot find a school on this list of top schools here, this means the school might have missed the cut-off score for the list. In this case, you can find the school by school name, suburb or postcode on Compare Schools or Ratings page. Features of Compare Schools page:
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School State Overall Score English Maths Total EnrolmentsTrend / CompareLocalitySectorICSEA
St Peter's College,St Peters,SA,5069 100 1265 Trend / Compare St Peters,SA,5069 Non-government latest
Annesley College,Wayville,SA,5034 100 66 Trend / Compare Wayville,SA,5034 Non-government latest
St Ignatius College,Athelstone,SA,5076 99 1383 Trend / Compare Athelstone,SA,5076 Non-government latest
Glenunga International High School,Glenunga,SA,5064 99 1345 Trend / Compare Glenunga,SA,5064 Government latest
Pembroke School,Kensington Park,SA,5068 99 1534 Trend / Compare Kensington Park,SA,5068 Non-government latest
Walford Anglican School for Girls,Hyde Park,SA,5061 99 697 Trend / Compare Hyde Park,SA,5061 Non-government latest
Wilderness School,Medindie,SA,5081 99 741 Trend / Compare Medindie,SA,5081 Non-government latest
Karcultaby Area School,Karcultaby,SA,5654 98 69 Trend / Compare Karcultaby,SA,5654 Government latest
Pulteney Grammar School,Adelaide,SA,5000 98 897 Trend / Compare Adelaide,SA,5000 Non-government latest
St Dominic's Priory College,North Adelaide,SA,5006 98 606 Trend / Compare North Adelaide,SA,5006 Non-government latest
Seymour College,Glen Osmond,SA,5064 98 862 Trend / Compare Glen Osmond,SA,5064 Government latest
Prince Alfred College,Kent Town,SA,5067 97 1027 Trend / Compare Kent Town,SA,5067 Non-government latest
St Peter's Collegiate Girls School,Stonyfell,SA,5066 97 592 Trend / Compare Stonyfell,SA,5066 Non-government latest
Marryatville High School,Marryatville,SA,5068 97 1203 Trend / Compare Marryatville,SA,5068 Government latest
Wudinna Area School,Wudinna,SA,5652 97 170 Trend / Compare Wudinna,SA,5652 Government latest
Meridian School,Aberfoyle Park,SA,5159 98 125 Trend / Compare Aberfoyle Park,SA,5159 Non-government latest
Concordia College,Highgate,SA,5063 96 741 Trend / Compare Highgate,SA,5063 Non-government latest
Scotch College,Torrens Park,SA,5062 96 921 Trend / Compare Torrens Park,SA,5062 Non-government latest
Mercedes College,Springfield,SA,5062 96 1223 Trend / Compare Springfield,SA,5062 Non-government latest
Westminster School,Marion,SA,5043 96 1188 Trend / Compare Marion,SA,5043 Non-government latest
King's Baptist Grammar School,Wynn Vale,SA,5127 95 929 Trend / Compare Wynn Vale,SA,5127 Non-government latest
Adelaide High School,Adelaide,SA,5000 95 1257 Trend / Compare Adelaide,SA,5000 Government latest
Heritage College,Oakden,SA,5086 95 354 Trend / Compare Oakden,SA,5086 Non-government latest
Immanuel College,Novar Gardens,SA,5040 95 929 Trend / Compare Novar Gardens,SA,5040 Non-government latest
St John's Grammar School,Belair,SA,5052 94 868 Trend / Compare Belair,SA,5052 Non-government latest
Loreto College,Marryatville,SA,5068 94 867 Trend / Compare Marryatville,SA,5068 Non-government latest
Trinity College Gawler River School,Angle Vale,SA,5117 94 657 Trend / Compare Angle Vale,SA,5117 Non-government latest
Faith Lutheran College,Tanunda,SA,5352 94 660 Trend / Compare Tanunda,SA,5352 Non-government latest
Emmaus Christian College,South Plympton,SA,5038 94 609 Trend / Compare South Plympton,SA,5038 Non-government latest
Torrens Valley Christian School,Hope Valley,SA,5090 94 533 Trend / Compare Hope Valley,SA,5090 Non-government latest
Leigh Creek Area School,Leigh Creek,SA,5731 93 145 Trend / Compare Leigh Creek,SA,5731 Government latest
Urrbrae Agricultural High School,Netherby,SA,5062 93 979 Trend / Compare Netherby,SA,5062 Government latest
Norwood Morialta High School,Magill,SA,5072 93 1443 Trend / Compare Magill,SA,5072 Government latest
Cabra Dominican College,Cumberland Park,SA,5041 93 1091 Trend / Compare Cumberland Park,SA,5041 Non-government latest
St Aloysius College,Adelaide,SA,5000 93 1075 Trend / Compare Adelaide,SA,5000 Non-government latest
St Mary's College,Adelaide,SA,5000 92 806 Trend / Compare Adelaide,SA,5000 Non-government latest
Unley High School,Netherby,SA,5062 92 1230 Trend / Compare Netherby,SA,5062 Government latest
Marymount College,Hove,SA,5048 92 523 Trend / Compare Hove,SA,5048 Non-government latest
Sacred Heart College Senior School,Somerton Park,SA,5044 92 1017 Trend / Compare Somerton Park,SA,5044 Non-government latest
Sacred Heart College Middle School,Mitchell Park,SA,5043 92 656 Trend / Compare Mitchell Park,SA,5043 Non-government latest
Brighton Secondary School,North Brighton,SA,5048 92 1393 Trend / Compare North Brighton,SA,5048 Government latest
Endeavour College,Mawson Lakes,SA,5095 91 462 Trend / Compare Mawson Lakes,SA,5095 Non-government latest
Mary Mackillop College,Kensington,SA,5068 92 502 Trend / Compare Kensington,SA,5068 Non-government latest
Orroroo Area School,Orroroo,SA,5431 91 134 Trend / Compare Orroroo,SA,5431 Government latest
Trinity College Blakeview,Blakeview,SA,5114 91 666 Trend / Compare Blakeview,SA,5114 Non-government latest
Trinity College North,Evanston South,SA,5116 91 868 Trend / Compare Evanston South,SA,5116 Non-government latest
Navigator College,Port Lincoln,SA,5606 91 294 Trend / Compare Port Lincoln,SA,5606 Non-government latest
Investigator College,Goolwa,SA,5214 90 873 Trend / Compare Goolwa,SA,5214 Non-government latest
Pedare Christian College,Golden Grove,SA,5125 90 951 Trend / Compare Golden Grove,SA,5125 Non-government latest

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