HSC Distinguished Achievers - Galston High School, - 2019

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Cullen, Victoria Rose15010 - Agriculture Galston High School
Skewes-weir, Savannah Gold Annee15010 - Agriculture Galston High School
Eltis, Jessica Amy15020 - Ancient History Galston High School
Shahfazli, Damian15020 - Ancient History Galston High School
Langley, Jade15060 - Community and Family Studies Galston High School
Rowe, Mia15090 - Drama Galston High School
Cashman, Ella Shennen15100 - Earth and Environmental Science Galston High School
Pennock, Catriona Erin15140 - English Advanced Galston High School
Pennock, Catriona Erin15160 - English Extension Galston High School
O'Mara, Colby Reid15200 - Industrial Technology Galston High School
Hayes, Bryce Jacob15240 - Mathematics Galston High School
Votano, Olivia Ava15240 - Mathematics Galston High School
Yu, Jiguo15240 - Mathematics Galston High School
Hayes, Bryce Jacob15250 - Mathematics Extension Galston High School
Rowe, Mia15290 - Music Galston High School
Pennock, Catriona Erin15400 - Visual Arts Galston High School
Novella, Giorgio Alberto Mari15800 - Italian Continuers Galston High School
Hayes, Bryce Jacob15820 - Japanese Beginners Galston High School