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Select Entry & Scholarship Test Books

The following select entry and scholarship book series have helped many children prepare successfully for selective schools test, scholarship tests and other entrance exams and have boosted their confidence! ​The books are specifically customised towards maximising your child's score for selective schools test, scholarship tests and other entrance exams like the: ​
  • Private School Scholarship Tests
  • Selective School Entrance Tests
  • Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL / SEALP / ALP) Tests
  • NSW Opportunity Class (OC) Tests
  • NSW Selective Schools Placement Tests
  • ACER Scholarship and Entrance Exams
  • Edutest Scholarship and Entrance Exams
Spectrum Tuition - selective and accelerated exam packs

Selective Schools and Scholarship Tests - Year 6 for Year 7 Entry

Selective Schools and Scholarship Examinations A-G (all states and territories) (20% off, very popular!!!)

Victorian Selective Schools Entrance Exams - Year 8 for Year 9 Entry

Victorian Selective Schools Prep Tests and Exam Packs

Digital exam packs / products with product tags:

The biggest exam pack contains 18 exams. Choose a pack that suits you. Digital, instant download. All 20% off

Opportunity Class Tests (NSW) - Year 4 for Year 5 Entry

NSW OC Tests (20% off, very popular!!!)

Excel series

Excel Test Skills | Excel Test Zone Test Packs| Excel Revise in a Month (up to 20% off, very popular!!!)