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List of University Books Published by Pearson

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All Pearson Higher Education Titles

20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000
Educational: Sciences, general science
Mobile & handheld device programming / Apps programming
Abnormal psychology
Educational: Technology
Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
Electrical engineering
Monetary economics
Electronics & communications engineering
Advice on careers & achieving success
Electronics engineering
Myth & legend told as fiction
Advice on education
ELT: learning material & coursework
Network security
Emergency services
Networking standards & protocols
Aerospace & aviation technology
Employment & labour law
Non-profitmaking organizations
Age groups: adolescents
Energy technology & engineering
Nuclear power & engineering
Age groups: adults
Engineering graphics & technical drawing
Numerical analysis
Agile programming
Engineering measurement & calibration
Agricultural economics
Engineering thermodynamics
Nursing specialties
Agricultural science
Engineering: general
Object-oriented programming (OOP)
Agriculture & farming
Enterprise software
Occupational & industrial psychology
Entertainment & media law
Oceanography (seas)
Algorithms & data structures
Operating systems
Analytical chemistry
Environmental science, engineering & technology
Operational research
Equity & trusts
Optical physics
Animal behaviour
Ethical & social aspects of IT
Organic chemistry
Ethics & moral philosophy
Organization & management of education
Art: general interest (Children's / Teenage)
Ethnic minorities & multicultural studies
Organizational theory & behaviour
Artificial intelligence
European history
Other branches of medicine
Assembly languages
Other technologies & applied sciences
Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem
Examinations & assessment
Paediatric nursing
Astronomy, space & time
Experimental psychology
Personal & social issues (Children's / Teenage)
Audiology & otology
Family & health
Personal computers
Automatic control engineering
Family law
Personnel & human resources management
Automotive technology & trades
Fashion & beauty industries
Behavioural theory (Behaviourism)
Finance & accounting
Phonetics, phonology
Bilingual & multilingual dictionaries
Financial accounting
Photo & image editing
Biochemical engineering
Financial reporting, financial statements
Physical chemistry
Biology, life sciences
Fitness & diet
Physical geography & topography
Fluid mechanics
British & Irish history
Forensic science
Physiological & neuro-psychology, biopsychology
Budgeting & financial management
Gender studies: women
Plant reproduction & propagation
Building construction & materials
General & world history
Business & management
Genetics (non-medical)
Police & security services
Business & management: study & revision guides
Geographical information systems (GIS) & remote sensing
Political science & theory
Business applications
Politics & government
Business communication & presentation
Geology & the lithosphere
Pollution & threats to the environment
Business competition
Popular economics
Business ethics & social responsibility
Popular psychology
Business innovation
Power networks, systems, stations & plants
Business mathematics & systems
Grammar & vocabulary
Power utilization & applications
Business negotiation
Graphical & digital media applications
Business strategy
Graphics programming
Business studies: general
Hairdressing & salon skills
Pre-clinical medicine: basic sciences
Health & safety issues
Pregnancy, birth & baby care
Calculus & mathematical analysis
Health systems & services
Pre-school & kindergarten
Careers guidance
Heat transfer processes
Primary & middle schools
Causes & prevention of crime
History of the Americas
Probability & statistics
Cellular biology (cytology)
Hospitality industry
Production & quality control management
Hotel & catering trades
Production engineering
Child & developmental psychology
Human biology
Program concepts / learning to program
Circuits & components
Human geography
Programming & scripting languages: general
Civil engineering, surveying & building
Human-computer interaction
Project management
Civil rights & citizenship
Project management software
Classical mechanics
Hydraulic engineering
Property law
Cognitivism, cognitive theory
Image processing
Psychological methodology
Colleges of further education
Psychological testing & measurement
Commercial law
Impact of science & technology on society
Psychological theory & schools of thought
Communication studies
Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies
Communications engineering / telecommunications
Industrial or vocational training
Public finance
Competition law / Antitrust law
Industrial quality control
Public finance accounting
Information technology: general issues
Public relations
Complex analysis, complex variables
Inorganic chemistry
Purchasing & supply management
Computer architecture & logic design
Instruments & instrumentation engineering
Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory)
Computer certification
Insurance & actuarial studies
Reading skills
Computer certification: Cisco
Intellectual property law
Reference works
Computer certification: Microsoft
Intelligence & reasoning
Computer games design
International business
Regional geography
Computer hardware
International economics
Research & development management
Computer networking & communications
International finance
Computer programming / software development
International human rights law
Computer science
International law
Sales & marketing
Computer security
International maritime law
Sales & marketing management
Computer vision
International relations
Scientific equipment, experiments & techniques
Computing & information technology
International trade
Secondary schools
Constitutional & administrative law
Internet guides & online services
Secretarial, clerical & office skills
Consultancy & grants for businesses
Investment & securities
Self-help & personal development
Contract law
Jurisprudence & general issues
Semi-conductors & super-conductors
Coping with anxiety & phobias
Language learning: audio-visual & multimedia
Sexual behaviour
Corporate finance
Language phrasebooks
Shakespeare plays
Corporate governance
Language readers
Shakespeare studies & criticism
Cost accounting
Language self-study texts
Signal processing
Credit & credit institutions
Language teaching & learning (other than ELT)
Small businesses & self-employed
Crime & criminology
Language teaching & learning material & coursework
Social groups
Criminal law & procedure
Law as it applies to other professions
Social research & statistics
Criminal or forensic psychology
Law: study & revision guides
Social welfare & social services
Curriculum planning & development
Social work
Customer services
Legal skills & practice
Social, group or collective psychology
Dance & other performing arts
Legal system: general
Data capture & analysis
Libraries, museums, schools (Children's / Teenage)
Sociology & anthropology
Data mining
Life sciences: general issues
Sociology: family & relationships
Database programming
Limnology (freshwater)
Sociology: sport & leisure
Database software
Software Engineering
Listening skills
Soil & rock mechanics
Speech & language disorders & therapy
Development economics & emerging economies
Literary studies: c 1800 to c 1900
Structural engineering
Differential calculus & equations
Literary studies: from c 1900 -
Study & learning skills: general
Digital photography: consumer/user guides
Literary studies: general
Diseases & disorders
Literary studies: poetry & poets
Systems analysis & design
Distributed systems
Literature: history & criticism
Systems of law
Dynamics & vibration
Takeovers, mergers & buy-outs
Early learning / early learning concepts
Maintenance & repairs
Earth sciences
Management & management techniques
Teacher training
Ecological science, the Biosphere
Management accounting & bookkeeping
Teaching of a specific subject
E-commerce law
Management decision making
Teaching of gifted students
E-commerce: business aspects
Management of specific areas
Teaching of physically disabled students
Management: leadership & motivation
Teaching of specific groups & persons with special educational needs
Economic forecasting
Market research
Teaching of students with specific learning difficulties / needs
Economic statistics
Materials science
Teaching skills & techniques
Mathematical & statistical software
Teaching staff
Mathematical foundations
Technical design
Educational equipment & technology, computer-aided learning (CAL)
Mathematical physics
Technical writing
Educational material
Mathematical theory of computation
Technology: general issues
Educational psychology
Textile design & theory
Educational: Biology
Maths for engineers
The arts: general issues
Educational: Business studies & economics
Mechanical engineering
The environment
Educational: Chemistry
Mechanical engineering & materials
Theory of music & musicology
Educational: Citizenship & social education
Mechanics of fluids
Thermochemistry & chemical thermodynamics
Educational: Design & technology
Medical & healthcare law
Time management
Educational: English language & literacy
Medical equipment & techniques
Torts / Delicts
Educational: English literature
Medical microbiology & virology
Tourism industry
Educational: General studies / study skills general
Medicine: general issues
Trauma & shock
Educational: Geography
Memory improvement & thinking techniques
Educational: History
Meteorology & climatology
WAP (wireless) technology
Educational: IT & computing, ICT
Microbiology (non-medical)
Water supply & treatment
Educational: Languages other than English
Web graphics & design
Educational: Mathematics & numeracy
Web programming
Educational: Physical education (including dance)
Microsoft Word
Women's health
Educational: Physics
Mineralogy & gems
Work & industry / world of work (Children's / Teenage)
Educational: Religious studies: Christianity
Miscellaneous items
Writing skills
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