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ISBN: 9780170170093
Format: WW
Edition: 1
Pub. Date: 05/31/2012
Availability: Out of stock
RRP: $63.80
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Sustainability looks at what sustainability is and what it involves, and how it can help our planet. How our individual actions and consumption as a nation affect our planet are explained, along with how New Zealand is becoming more sustainable and how you can be a sustainabile kiwi. 'Making meaning' comprehension questions and 'Critical literacy' questions are included, along with activities and a glossary of terms at the end of the book.

This visually stunning book examines the concept of sustainability ' that we as individuals and a nation need to take responsibility for looking after the planet, and that our actions today will affect future generations. The importance of sustainability is examined in relation to a healthy environment, thriving economy and liveable society, and why these are important for the future. It is reinforced that no person, group or generation wants to be charged with ecocide, and the way to avoid ecocide is to practise sustainability and sustainable development. By doing this the environment, economy and society all flourish together and not at the expense of one another.