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This fully revised, full-colour Teaching Guide supplies a range of ex citing resources for teaching and learning Year K Maths including topic overviews, problem-solving posters, student activities, interactive acti vities, IWB resources and links to the comprehensive range of Targeting Maths resources. With 2 CD-ROMS of interactive activities, one with a fu lly interactive version of the student book and the second CD-ROM with t he complete year level version of Rainforest Maths, your IT requirements for Maths are fully covered.

NEW interactive whiteboard activities for front-of-class teaching Rainforest Maths
Th e suite of interactive maths activities that make up Rainforest Maths ar e an invaluable resource for teaching and learning a wide variety of mat hs concepts. Excellent for both front-of-class teaching and individual c omputers, each activity can be used to model, explore and investigate a different maths concept. This Teaching Guide cross-references each topic of work to the matching Rainforest Maths interactive activity.

< strong>NEW interactive version of the student book
This CD -ROM is perfect for use on an interactive whiteboard or computer.

NEW fully integrated problem-solving program
Acti vely builds students?? abilities to think mathematically, problem solve and communicate their answers in a variety of ways.

NEW t erm investigations
Students plan and work through extended problems that extend their mathematical thinking. NEW more revision mid -term and end of term revision sections ensure students maintain the ski lls they have learnt.

NEW in-stage topic alignment for co mposite classes
The contents of each book in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 match topic by topic, making teaching composite class es much easier.

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