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ISBN: 9780170438230
Format: BE
Edition: 1
Pub. Date: 21/10/2019
Publisher: Cengage
RRP: $75.00
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Effective Spelling is underpinned by a holistic and inquiry-based learning approach to spelling. The whole-school series is designed to support teachers to foster a culture of word noticing, transforming students into curious thinkers and effective, competent spellers. Each component explicitly aligns with the Australian Curriculum: English and offers educators flexible learning pathways. Each Teaching Guide: - comprises ten Big Ideas chapters, each with a key spelling focus - presents inquiry-based sample learning sequences demonstrating a best-practice teaching routine, which can be adapted for many spelling concepts - includes activities to support students' understandings of key spelling concepts - incorporates the key spelling strategies: Sound, Visual, Meaning, Connecting and Checking - includes thrice yearly Spelling Big Ideas Inventory Assessments (Year 1 to 6), and pre and post assessments for each learning sequence - demonstrates how to incorporate rich literature into spelling instruction, and includes lists of recommended books that can be used to support student learning
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