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Tutor Age Band30-39
Years of Experience15
PositionAssistant Professor
Address32, Springvale drive
Post Code2614
Phone (After Hours) 0434190819
Phone (Mobile) 0434286517
Phone (Office Hours) 0261695534
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Dr. Fatima. A...Belconnen. Hi there, I have 15 years of teaching experience right from year 10 to tertiary level. I have been intensely involved tutoring Chemistry IB Diploma Programme and General. Its very interesting and appreciating to note that the students which I taught from past four years were from grade 'B' and Grade 'C' who were actually struggling with chemistry and its a matter of proud to mention that I could bring them to that level where they scored more than 90%. I believe in making subject much easier and simpler which could be easily understood by the students. Besides being a good tutor I have always been motivating students to develop their inner confidence which creates a healthy relationship between me and my students .This could be the reason why I was been awarded Best Teacher Award twice. I being a Gold medalist fully aware how to prepare lesson plans, simplified notes, problem solving skills, answering twisted Questions and how to get high scores. I love sharing my experiences and my methods of scoring high grades. I frame my own formulas which helps in providing a short cut to solve problems in couple of minutes which makes my subject more fun loving and interesting. Currently I am tutoring students from Canberra Girls Grammar School, Canberra Boys Grammar School, Narrabundah School, Hawker College, Kingsford Smith School and students from University of Canberra. That's how I am fully aware of the Syllabus of IB, HSC , General Chemistry and ACT Syllabus. I have been producing excellent results from last eight years from various colleges across Canberra including both Chemistry General and IB diploma programme and the reason for that is I provide Work sheets including 100’s of questions for each chapter and all are framed exactly from examination point of view for better practice of students.I also provide Previous year question papers from year 1990 to 2013 chapter wise with keys. I see that students solve each and every problem which I provided and I also conduct online tests regularly to keep the track record of all tests so as to notify the improvements and to analyse the amount of hard work to be done to achieve high scores for which I generally don't charge. It is worth mentioning that now my students attitude towards Chemistry has changed so much that they started saying "Chemistry is the easiest subject among all subjects we study and it makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". My constant dedication towards making subject easy, restless efforts in bring out twisted and complicated problems and making students perfect in solving them made all my students mentally and emotionally strong to solve any kind of problem. I believe this change can be brought out in any student provided you get a right tutor at right time. Chemistry is not a hard subject and I assure you that I will simply it to that level where you will start loving it instead of struggling with it, then you will realize it’s the easiest subject among all subjects you learn.Summer Classes are also being conducted to improve the basic concepts of Chemistry and regular classes are also available from year 10 to year 12 along with the training of UMAT and GAMSAT. Qualification: * Bachelor in Science with specialization Drugs and Pharmaceuticals. * Master of Science (Organic Chemistry). * Ph.D (Chemistry) * Degree in Education. Experience: 15 years of teaching experience.