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Glenorchy, TAS
A very experienced tutor who has taught in India, Singapore and Australia for over 25 years. She specializes in Maths and Science for students in Grade 5 to Grade 12, University Maths and University Engineering Units. She is available during school holidays, school terms and weekends. Call in and ask for a quote today!
Doncaster East, VIC
I served as a part time lecturer at the Hong Kong Morrison Hill Technical Institute teaching telecommunications. I have 9 years tutoring experience for Maths and Physics here in Melbourne. Whether you need a little help with your subjects, need to sharpen your skills or are entering Selective Entry Test or VCE, I can help. My students had excellent results in Selective Entry test and are generally well above their year level standards.
Melbourne, VIC | Online

I provide tutoring for maths, physics, chemistry and biology at both VCE and university levels and helps for UMAT and GAMSAT in Melbourne. I have worked as a private tutor since 1997 and provide both one-to-one and group tutoring in English or Mandarin depending your preference. A favourite discount is offered for groups.

Melbourne, VIC
My over 35 years tutoring experience and thousands of satisfied students achieving results above their expectation is a solid guaranty not only to achieve your aim, but also to further develop your ability to go much beyond your desired result.
Parkville, VIC

I am a qualified teacher and I have many years teaching experience in providing one on one and group tutoring. I specialise in VCE Unit 1-4 Maths Methods, VCE Specialist Maths, VCE Further Maths, VCE Unit 1-4 Chemistry, IB Maths (all levels), Edu test, IB chemistry (all levels).

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Tutor Age Band60+
Years of Experience35
QualificationMasters in Chemistry
Post Code3023
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Phone (Office Hours) (03)83631664
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If you are looking for tutoring in VCE Mathematics or in any other major subject (all year levels), please, contact us for free consultation with an educational adviser. You will, also, be provided with complete information about our unique tutoring program that is far ahead from all other tutorial services. That is concept based and exam oriented home tutoring fully compatible to Victorian school curriculum. And yet, completely personalized, very flexible and with the lowest tuition fee.

My over 35 years tutoring experience and thousands of satisfied students achieving results above their expectation is a solid guaranty not only to achieve your aim, but also to further develop your ability to go much beyond your desired result.

Our program for VCE and pre-VCE Mathematics (called Capital Home Tuition), tutoring approach, tutors, affordable fee, and study resources, separate us from other tutorial services in Victoria. 

CAPITAL HOME TUITION is an improved, all-inclusive, home tuition that goes beyond a normal tuition service. This program is available for MATHEMATICAL METHODS year 11 and 12 and MATHEMATICS year 9 and 10

Capital Home Tuition provides an in depth understanding of content and develops students’ independent study skills, motivation, and confidence. It gives to students choice to choose time for tutoring and duration of each lesson that is suitable to their personal study ability. Program includes:

• Free first lesson
• Highly experienced face-to-face home and/or online tutor whenever you need
• Unlimited access to video tutorial lessons throughout school year

  • Reference tutorial textbook and much more.

Our TUTORING APPROACH is on learning with understanding, rather than learning by memorising and routines. We take students to work individually with them on whatever they need to enhance their knowledge and learning abilities and to ensure their success. Our strong focus is not only on developing high standard of students’ knowledge, but also, to ensure that students be able to study and think independently rather than to be dependent on tutor.

Educational CONSULTANTS and TUTORS, that I am working with, are from different educational and cultural background. This is, probably, the highest educated team of tutors with very extensive teaching/tutoring experience in Victoria.

TUITION FEE is very affordable for all family budgets as it is well below the average tuition cost.

Our STUDY RESOURCES in the form of 5 tutorial books (each of about 400 pages) and over 400 hours of video lessons are, probably, the best study resource for VCE Maths Methods and pre-VCE Maths. These resources can be downloaded from our website and many students use those resources as the only tutorial (they don’t need any tutor).


MATHS METHODE and MATHS year 9 and 10   $20/h for video lessons plus (if needed) $43/h for at home or $35/h for online tutor. FREE first lesson, reference tutorial textbook and periodical progress assessment.

HOME TUITION $63/h (all subjects and year levels). Discounted first lesson ($43/h)

ON-LINE TUITION $50/h (all high school year levels and subjects).