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Tutor Age Band10-19
Years of Experience1
QualificationYear 12, 97 Matriculation Score, Top Course Score - Social Science
Post Code2902
Phone (After Hours) 0432141648
Phone (Mobile) 0432141648
Phone (Office Hours) 0432141648
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As a recently graduated collegian myself, I understand the strengths and flaws of both public and private education. I have direct and recent experience with the many ways that students can fall behind and know some of the best methods to maintain an advantageous position in your studies. My main focus in tutoring is to establish engagement with the subject matter and focus on the benefits of learning separate from grades. I am available at most times with no consistently structured work-week, and am more than happy to oblige last-minute help if I am able to do so. I do provide worksheets and notes for those I believe will benefit from them, and hold the opinion that writing and completing exercises is generally beneficial in solidifying information in the brain. My lessons are structured via a prioritization system, which involves engaging the student with the work, understanding the problems that are arising and arriving harmoniously at a conclusion within a certain timeframe. If you hold any more queries please do not hesitate to contact me. Zac Morris 0432141648 zacgma@gmail.com