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Scholara - Revolutionising tutoring for VCE Students.
We offer online tutoring for VCE subjects, Select Entry, UCAT and Med Interview. Free trial lesson available.

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QualificationVCE high achievers
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Online tutoring for Victorian high school students

What We Do

Scholara provides students with an online community of like-minded individuals, access to high-scoring past VCE student tutors and mentors, and an endless library of resources to help them achieve their full potential in VCE.

Free trial lesson

At Scholara, we completely understand how difficult it may be to select a tutor based on their credentials. That's why we offer a free trial lesson on most of our classes so you can see for yourself why we are the best at what we do! Click "Enquire Now" and our Scholara team will arrange the session for you!

Why choose us

Scholara aims to revolutionise online tutoring in Australia by providing Victorian high school students with specially developed courses which are proven to help individuals reach their potential.

Every single one of our students will learn from the best experienced tutors in Victoria, have access to our expansive resource bank via our one of a kind Dashboard, and will be part of our community of high achievers.

Online learning

At Scholara, we believe that online tutoring provides the best form of teaching and learning for secondary school students, and we expect to see a large shift towards online tuition services in the near future.

Online tutoring provides tutors with the ability to share their screen, so students are able to see exactly what the tutor is doing very easily. This removes many barriers that many students face in classrooms such as not being able to read the whiteboard, or not knowing which particular section of a book the tutor is instructing from.