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Tutor Age Band10-19
Years of Experience2
QualificationTop English, Philosophy and Theatre studies student of Narrabundah College (2014), 98.95 ATAR
Address10 Galway Place
Post Code2600
Phone (After Hours) 0261560532
Phone (Mobile) 0434808982
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I offer private and online English tutoring sessions with students of all levels. I specialise in essay writing, and offer editing services via a face-to-face or online correspondence ($20 per 1000 words). About me: I am a French Australian student recently graduated from Narrabundah College with the top English, Philosophy, and Theatre studies scores, and an ATAR of 98.95. I am passionate about theatre and community development and intend to pursue these studies at the University of Melbourne in 2016. I love working with young people on their essay and creative writing.