Tutor Clare Myers

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Tutor Age Band10-19
Years of Experience2
QualificationIB Diploma
PositionEnglish, French, and History Tutor
Address49 Daley Road
Post Code2601
Phone (After Hours)
Phone (Mobile) 0423264242
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I am a positive person who values collaboration, friendship, and humour when tutoring any subject. I believe that whilst academic learning and success is important, a love of learning and understanding of knowledge is equally valuable. I completed the IB, doing HL English, French and Chemistry, and SL Maths, Economics and History. I achieved an ATAR of 99.70. I'm a creative and critical thinker, and can adapt my teaching to a wide variety of student's needs. One of my highlights as a Tutor was helping a Year 10 student with dyslexia and reading difficulties understand Macbeth. We devised an animation/ cartoon approach to her learning which including remembering quotes, deepening her understanding of the play. The results speak for themselves: her score lifted by 25% but better still, she is no longer afraid of English and has a tested method of being able to study by herself.