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Tutor Age Band30-39
Years of Experience5
QualificationBachelor of Arts Postgraduate Diploma in Education
PositionMaster degree Student
Post Code5000
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Phone (Mobile) 0421789408
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I am currently studying Master of Social Work at University of South Australia (UNISA). I acquired Bachelor of Arts in 2010 and Postgraduate Diploma in Education in 2012 at University of Hong Kong.

I was a qualified Chinese teacher in Hong Kong.

I worked as a qualified Chinese teacher in a government primary school in Hong Kong for 2.5 years. I taught Chinese and Mandarin. I still have a great passion in teaching Chinese.

In my letter of reference, the deputy of headmistress wrote:

"Lai Yee is doubtlessly a professional and devoted teacher. She always works tirelessly with perseverance and commitment to create a challenging and nurturing environment for her students. With her dedication to education and teaching, she gains trust and appreciation from students, parents and colleagues. She is always willing to take up responsibilities and demonstrates innovation in problem solving.

Being a caring, thoughtful and inspiring teacher, Lai Yee is well liked and respected by her students. At times, Lai Yee has to deal with vulnerable students with behavioral and emotional problems. She is able to tackle these problems professionally and sensibly. Undoubtedly, this kind of valuable experience strengthens and equips her with solid counselling and communication skills.

Lai Yee's warm, cheerful, sincere and approachable personality helps her establish a harmonious relationship with students, parents as well as colleagues. In dealing with parents, she is tactful, understanding and supportive. Moreover, she cooperates well with the school teacher and her professional development is observed. "

I am dedicated to teaching and determined to arouse my student's interest to learing Chinese/Mandaria/Cantonese in an easy and interesting ways.

I got 7 in IELTS speacking. I am capable of teaching Chinese in fluent English.