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NSW St George Girls High School 7-12 1916917Kogarah

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Academically we have much cause for congratulations. As we wait to receive the results of the 2007 Higher School Certificate, we can reflect with pride on the achievements of the 2006 HSC candidates. Our Dux achieved a University Admissions Index of 99.9 and 99% of our candidates gained offers to the university course of their choice. Twenty four students achieved a UAI which placed them in the top 2% of the state. Three students received Premiers Awards for excellence by achieving Band 6 or its equivalent in ten units of study. I congratulate these young women here today who will receive the acclaim they so richly deserve.

As for our 2007 HSC candidates we do have some successes to recount. In the Creative and Performing Arts, in Design and in English we have a number of students whose work has been acknowledged as exemplars. Each year exceptional major works and performances are nominated for inclusion in exhibitions which showcase the very best in NSW schools.

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