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WA Perth Modern School 8-12 19111336Subiaco

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Selective StatusFully
Became Selective2007
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Address 90 Roberts Road, Subiaco  WA  6008
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Perth Modern School is the only fully selective academic school in Western Australia. All students must first pass an academic entry test before they may enrol. The school has designed a curriculum that meets the individual learning needs of the very best academic students. To provide a balanced education, students are offered a range of special interest subjects and a comprehensive co-curricular program.

All of the school's programs are designed to challenge our exceptional students to achieve their full potential while learning alongside their like minded peers. The academic program is supported by initiatives designed to promote leadership, positive community attitudes and personal growth.

Perth Modern School has a proud tradition of providing academic programs for the best of the best. Opened in 1911, Perth Modern School is Western Australia’s first senior public secondary school. It offered a modern education to scholarship students with strong academic abilities.

The school developed an outstanding reputation because of the success of its students academically and the contributions they made to the community. Its graduates include a former prime minister, a governor general, fifteen Rhodes Scholars and a member of the International Court of Justice.

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