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Education export is Australia's third-biggest earner ($28 billion) after iron ore and coal and potentially it's the biggest if the resources boom goes bust. Australia's international student intake has already hit more than half-a-million for the year, according to new government figures – the third highest intake after the UK and USA.

Education-related personal travel is Australia's 3rd largest export after iron ore ($62.8 billion) and coal ($54.3 billion). It is the largest services export (34.3% of total services exports), ahead of other personal travel services ($21.6 billion); and professional and management consulting services ($4.8 billion).

source: Australian Government, updated September 2019

International Student Programs and Fees

To find the schools which offer international student programs, please visit the following links, choose a state, select "Yes" for International Program and search.
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Overseas Postgraduate Scholarships

The Australian government provides funding to higher education providers to offer scholarships to eligible postgraduate students to meet the costs associated with postgraduate education. See Annual government investment on Scholarships >$200,000,000