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“Excellent website, the best I've ever come across in terms of all you want to know about schools and their ratings and rankings, be it government or non-government, primary or high school. We are house hunting, whenever we see a house we like, the first thing we do is to check on Better Education website about the near schools. The website also allows you to compare up to 5 schools side by side, which is excellent when we consider the plus & minus of different houses. Kids are investments, and we as parents have God-given responsibilities to bring them up as best as we could. Better Education website is something I can't do without being a mother. I highly and warmly recommend it to everyone!"

“Its a great website and a one stop shop for all you need to know about education. I have used it to find schools for my daughter who would go to prep next year and the feedback support is also excellent when you request for information."

“I find your site very useful for providing in one place much of the performance data available for Australian schools."

"I strongly support your website because it retains several years of various academic results and hopefully Naplan results will be one of them. These records of Naplan results will guide parents to make informed decisions about their children's education and push for improvements where needed. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

“As parents of a child who is about to commence primary school, we have found this site to be an invaluable source of useful information.  It has helped us cut through a lot of the ambiguity associated with selecting an appropriate school for our child.”

“I have been living abroad and your website helps me a lot to my customers when they move to Australia and choose the place they live. They are very happy with my information which I get from your website and I full support your hard work and deeply appreciate it a lot.”

“We really do appreciate what's provided in the website.  It is very informative and we believe it provide reliable comparative data.”

“My son will be starting primary school next year.  Thanks to your website I can make an informed decision about which school I can send him to.  There was absolutely no information about all the overall performance of schools until now.  It all seemed so secretive in the past.”

“You have done a fantastic job. Schooling is playing an important part of every child. Parents need to know the performance of the school their children are / to be enrolled in.”

“As an expatriate Australian family living in Dubai we find this website invaluable. Through the information it provides I am able to research Victorian schools from here in the Middle East. This helps us to narrow down our choices of schools to apply to, possible areas to live, etc. for our future move home to Australia.”

“Thank you so much for making this website!  The school rankings are excellent and very useful.  I just wish there was more data for each state!”

“Thanks so much!  It's really the most useful site I've seen this year.  I wish you had the data for Victorian senior schools, though! “

"I would like you to say that you are doing the great thing providing such an important information about the Australian education. Currently I am looking for a good primary school for my child. We are coming to Australia in the nearest couple of months, and I was planning to choose the good school with the help of your site and to enroll my child to PREP at this school. "

"This is a very good website. Thanks for the good work."

"I will support the continuing publishing of School ranking data.

Thank you for your effort in trying to keep this going. I for one appreciate the availability of these data. Parents ability to make an informed choice is always a good thing and I can't see the issue here. I know sending my child to a so call "Better ranking school" does not guarantee he/she will do better in their studies. But I do believe these schools may have better environmental factors that will give them a better chance to excel.

We have been away from australia for the last 4 years due to work commitents and have seriously lost touch of the education development in Oz. Hence these data would give us a better understanding of how schools had developed and as parents can now make an informed choice.

Thanks again for your help and keep up the good work."

"I think you have done a marvelous job in getting us all these ratings. Although my children are very young.,… but I am stickler for education. Kudos to you!!"