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Better Education is the most popular school directory and education information website in Australia, apart from governments. Since the inception in May 2008, Better Education website reached more than 31 million visitors (136  million page views) and tens of thousands of members/subscribers. Now the site attracts more than 320K visitors (new visitor ratio is about 60%), 1,500,000 page views in a typical month, as many as 15,000 (up to 42,000) users a day. There are more than 50,000 pages indexed by search engines. It's still growing. Hundreds of parents and students contact schools and other education service providers through the website every day. Also our contents are referenced by hundreds of schools, hundreds of websites including Wikipedia, discussed in hundreds of on-line forums and liked or shared by tens of thousands people. Our site visitors range from parents, students, teachers, educators, tutors, education service providers to migration / education agents, property developers and real estate agents.

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Premium Listings / Subscriptions

School Premium Listing and Basic Accounts

Primary and secondary schools need to contact us for the information on updating their listings. With a basic school account, you can update your school's profile at any time. Premium Listing or even a Basic School Account will place your school at the top of locality search results on school directories. Moreover, the School / Locality / Local School Search button, which is on the toolbar available on every page, will put schools with a subscription in the front of search results too.

Premium School Accounts / Subscriptions are also available with a premium WYSIWYG rich text / HTML editor so that you can customise your school's content page such as embedding images / videos / YouTube / HTML5 / slideshow, school logos, location maps, school zones, social media links and more, see example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4. The Premium School Accounts / Subscriptions are not only free of third-party ads on desktop, but also they are provided with free support. We can do it for you based on your school's website or you can send us a WORD document, images and other resources, and we can help build your school's profile page for you. We considered the former option for your convenience because it would be easier for you to update it later. You can send us about 10 photos of 450x300, so we can make a slideshow for you (free of charge). Moreover, the Premium Listing shows more information such as results, co-curricular and scholarships. Please contact us for details.

  • Your school appears above those schools without a Featured Page from School / Locality / Local Schools Search button on tens of thousands pages or a locality search (by suburb, postcode or state) on a school directory.
  • You can customise your school's profile page with any content in any format thanks to the flexible HTML editor, such as embedding images / videos / YouTube / HTML5 / slideshow, logos, location map, social media links and more.
  • No limitation to the number of sections, links, images, photos and videos. Not only can you add the highlights such as co-curricular, scholarships, results or achievements, but also announcements, open days, enrolment info, events, latest developments or forms / prospectus download. Furthermore, a series of buttons are provided to facilitate parents' enquires and engagement. Not to mention the SEO benefits from the quality links from a popular education related website.
  • It showcases your school (including the opportunity of displaying trend charts and stats) to target parents and prospective students who are looking for a school like yours.
  • Many quality links from very popular pages (including school results, school directories, scholarships, forum...) on Better Education website. These links will bring good traffic to your website.
  • Better Education school directories are the most popular ones in Australia. Have a try to compare traffic stats and rankings of Better Education site with other sites at Amazon's Alexa.
  • Full support. Turnkey solution available. No additional charge.

Universities, TAFE and other Tertiary Institutions; Preschools and kindergarten

Premium Listing is available. Please contact us.

Tutor, Music Teacher, Coaching School & Others

In addition to the FREE member listings, Premium Listing for tutors, music teachers and coaching schools in our directories is available at $30 per year for a company or a coaching school (up to three locations) and $20 per year for an individual. Note that for other categories not in our directories, please contact us.

  • Lists your service at the top of several related pages
  • Provides a featured profile page (your own URL) or a link to your website
  • Provides a premium WYSIWYG rich text / HTML editor so that you can customise your profile page such as embedding images / videos / YouTube / HTML5 / slideshow, logos, location map, social media links and more
  • Opportunities to get direct referrals from Better Education
  • Makes your service more visible on internet by with a link on a popular education website. It is also a very cost-effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website.

Premium Listing places your ad above your competition in a prominent position at the top of the pages and it can include a graphic logo or thumbnail image. As a featured advertiser you will always be at the top position on the pages. You will also have a featured profile page, which can contain unlimited text, full color logos and unlimited full colour pictures of choice & sizes. The feature includes Google keywords, a hyperlink to your own website and an enquiry platform Email Me. We believe that just the back link(s) to your website from this popular and related education site could be worth more than the cost of Premium Listing due to the SEO benefits added to your site.


Banner advertising is also available. Our service is customer oriented. Our goals are to understand the customer's needs and wants, and to make customer satisfied. Your ads will always get a turn in the top banners of the some selected pages in our website.

“We are very happy to have our ads on Better Education”.

"Half of the hits of my website is from your site".

“You are always so efficient, helpful and friendly - thank you. It's been a very successful advertising relationship for us, so we really appreciate the extension”…

Some of our customers have been happily advertising on Better Education website for more than 5 years. Please contact us for more information.


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You can pay for your items via PayPal, even if you prefer not to open a PayPal account. To pay for your items with your credit card: When you are redirected to PayPal, look out for "Pay With Credit or Debit Card", which is at the bottom of the page, and click the button. No need to Log In at all.

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