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MusicTeacher Age BandNot Specified
Years of Experience 
Address106 Elswick St
Post Code2040
Phone (After Hours)
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Phone (Office Hours) (02) 9560 3703
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Nitta's objective as a teacher is to culture and lead the voice to become clear, well-supported and beautiful. She trains people in skill, encourages them to seek AMAB exams and leads them to have a future in singing. No matter what style of music you prefer, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional singer, Nitta Caruso Bel Canto Academy guarantees great value to every vocalist. You will learn how to:¡ Learn about your natural vocal range ¡ Sing with clear tone ¡ Gain power and projection ¡ Breathe and create support ¡ Create control and good pitch ¡ Enhance your vocal ability and create quality sound ¡ Uncover your personal style ¡ Control your vibrato ¡ Correct your singing posture ¡ Develop or brush up on technique