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MusicTeacher Age Band50-59
Years of Experience9
QualificationCertified Simply Music Piano Teacher
Address129 Tranmere Rd
Post Code7018
Phone (After Hours) 0439554606
Phone (Mobile) 0439554606
Phone (Office Hours) 0439554606
EMail 1 Email Me
EMail 2 Email Me
Website www.cathywalkerpiano.com
I am an professional, Certified Simply Music Piano Teacher and offer fun and creative Piano Lessons in Hobart! Using the Simply Music Piano Method, I have students of all ages and experience playing great sounding songs from their very first lessons! Simply Music Piano Lessons employ a unique "playing based" approach. In contrast to traditional programs which insist that beginning students learn to read music as a means of learning how to play music, Simply Music students learn to play the piano first, before they learn to read music. Learning to read music comes after learning to play, just as a child learns to speak before learning to read, write and spell. In this way, students are free to connect directly with the piano and experience the joy and satisfaction of quickly learning to play lots of wonderful music from different musical styles. I begin teaching students to read when they can play about 30 songs with joy and confidence. This is usually within the first year of lessons. I also involve my students in creative musical activities such as composition, ( ie making up your own music), improvisation, song writing and arranging music. You will also have the opportunity to share your music with others: accompanying people singing and playing in ensemble groups. ( ie with other musicians playing different instruments.) I am passionate about sharing Simply Music with others! I have been involved with this method for 9 years (3 as a tutor) and 6 years as a fully Certified Simply Music Teacher. I never tire of the small miracle which which unfolds before me as I guide students along this exciting and creative musical path. The rapid progress and joy that I witness with each student inspires me! I offer caring, professional tuition in both small groups (max. 3 students /group) or in private lessons, Tuesday to Friday. [edit]