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Founded in 1996 and operating throughout Australia, Tutoring for Excellence provides a wide array of tutoring services. Our main focus is on one-on-one tuition and working in small groups. This personal approach helps our students gain academic confidence and enables our teaching staff to identify and utilise student strengths and weaknesses. We pride ourselves on giving our customers honest and straightforward estimates on what can be achieved in a set time.

Our tutors service the metro area of Sydney and are available for in home private tutoring.

Common subjects offered at all campuses / locations

Level: 11 & 12, Biology,

Level: 11 & 12, Chemistry,

Level: 11 & 12, Economics,

Level: 11 & 12, High School,

Level: 11 & 12, Physics,

Level: Primary and Secondary, English,
Our tutors provide an individually tailored program for each student, to complement their particular curriculum and to fill any learning gaps the student might have. Our prices vary based on the specific qualifications and experience of the tutor, as a general guide, prices start from $45p/h. An exact price is provided once we have an understanding of what your requirements are.

Level: Primary and Secondary, ESL,

Level: Primary and Secondary, French,

Level: Primary and Secondary, German,

Level: Primary and Secondary, Mandarin,

Level: Primary and Secondary, Maths,

Special subjects offered at this campus / location