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If Your Child Is Willing To Learn, Spectrum Tuition Can Give Them A Fighting Chance To Succeed We offer structured and consistent weekend classes to help your child prepare for scholarship exams, selective schools exams, NAPLAN and VCE exams in a challenging and fun environment.
Austin Education is a newly established coaching centre based in Mt Waverly, Melbourne. We provide quality tutoring classes for a range of subjects from primary up to VCE level studies. We also have intensive English courses designed for students from Non-English speaking background. We provide groups classes,and one to one tuition which is tailored to the students’ learning needs and abilities.
Artin Education is a specialised tuition centre in Glen Waverley, Melbourne focusing exclusively on English and Mathematics, catering to students of all ability levels. Our students achieve results by understanding not only 'why' in the concepts but also how to drive themselves to succeed.
Unitop Education–墨尔本华人VCE(维州高考)补教界的权威。Unitop最高校本部坐落于Level 12, 356 Collins Street,Melbourne,在Glen Waverley和Box Hill也有分部。教师团队资源庞大。Unitop最高校采用系统化教学,所有教师都经过严格的筛选和培训。主要包括:有澳洲高中教学经验的在校老师、墨尔本优秀的私人VCE讲师以及有VCE背景的墨大在校学生。
FeatureStateSchool DetailsSpecial PurposeHistory (Years)
Feature VIC Chinese Culture School Australia Scholarships and Tertiary Entrance28
Feature VIC Austin Education Scholarships and Tertiary Entrance 
Feature VIC UniTop Other8
Feature VIC Spectrum Tuition Scholarships and Tertiary Entrance10
Feature VIC Integrated Education Centre of Excellence Scholarships and Tertiary Entrance16
Feature VIC Artin Education Scholarships and Tertiary Entrance2
VIC Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies (ACCS) Other15
VIC Back to Basics Education Centre Scholarships and Tertiary Entrance18
VIC Broad Languages Other20
VIC Cambride International College Other 

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LevelsPrimary and Secondary
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Phone (Mobile) 0438283966
Phone (Office Hours) 03 9898 8989
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Address6 Nelson Road
Post Code3128
Suburb Box Hill
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Web Site http://www.chinesecultureschool.vic.edu.au/
Feature http://www.chinesecultureschool.vic.edu.au/

新金山学校成立于1992年,是一所由维省教育部和考试局(VCAA)认证注册的大型语言文化学校。 学校开设从幼儿班至VCE高考各个年级的中文课程,包括VCE第一语言、第二语言、第二语言高级以及中国语言、文化与社会各个语组,和IB中文,拥有多所分校,遍布墨尔本。 新金山学校VCE中文高考成绩斐然,连续二十几年名列维州榜首,先后有45名学生摘取满分50分的状元桂冠,31名同学获得VCE最高奖项“州长奖”;近1500名学生获得原分40分以上最高分数段,金榜题名。 我校师资队伍雄厚,执教高考班的更是经验丰富的资深教师,由十多位VCE中文口语、笔试考官组成。 至诚至真、教书育人是我们的办学理念。“因材施教”,是我们的教学特点,多元丰富、系统完整的教材让不同背景与基础的学生都能学有所得。

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Including VCE and Scolarship classes

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