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LevelsPrimary and Secondary
Last Name of Contact PersonEdith
First Name of Contact PersonEdith
Title of Contact PersonMs
Phone (After Hours)
Phone (Mobile)
Phone (Office Hours) 02-97157888
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Address228A Burwood Road
Post Code2134
Suburb Burwood
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Dux Tuition is one of the leading tutoring specialists in Sydney, with more than 18 years of proud history in offering extensive learning programs to students of all ages from Year 1 to Year 12. Dux Tuition provides excellent study material, and we employ the best tutors in Sydney who are enthusiastic to impart their knowledge and experience to their students. Our experience allows us to provide the most suitable learning environment for all students, allowing each student to maximise their potential in all subjects and areas. Dux Tuition provides class programs for primary level, selective school test preparation, high school level English, Mathematics and Science, as well as classes for Preliminary and HSC level English, Mathematics and Science subjects. We also provide the option of one-on-one private tutoring for primary, secondary and HSC level students. A private tutoring session with one of our dedicated tutors ensures a more tailored learning experience, reinforcing the student’s strengths, and helping to improve upon weaknesses. Our tutors are flexible and able to adapt to the student’s needs, whether they want to catch up to their peers if they are falling behind in class, or if they want to move on further than their class in school. Instead of forcing a student to learn at a particular pace and hindering their overall progress, we at Dux Tuition aims to provide the best possible learning experience for all students

Common subjects offered at all campuses / locations

Level: 5 & 6, Selective School Test,

Level: All Primary, English,

Level: All Primary, Maths,

Level: All Secondary, English,

Level: All Secondary, Maths,

Level: All Secondary, Sciencs,

Level: Primary and Secondary, NAPLAN,

Special subjects offered at this campus / location

Suburb: Burwood, Level: Primary and Secondary, English, Coaching English in Burwood, NSW ,

Suburb: Burwood, Level: Primary and Secondary, Maths, Coaching Maths in Burwood, NSW ,