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History (Years)8
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Special PurposeIELTS preparation
Class Size4
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First Name of Contact PersonNerada
Title of Contact PersonMs
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Phone (After Hours) 0398082356
Phone (Mobile) 0398082356
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Address266 Gower Street
Post Code3072
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The best investment in IELTS preparation in Melbourne you can make before your exam. Priced from $11/hour! Education Hub - Tells me what my mistakes are - Helps me understand the IELTS marking criteria - Provides specific feedback why I am not achieving my desired band score - Provides professional guidance how to achieve my desired band score - Teaches 3 grammatical structures every IELTS candidate must learn - Teaches how to generate ideas and stay on topic - Provides free online IELTS practice tests - Provides course programs written by a team of professional IELTS experts, hence you get better insight into the exam than at any other school - Regular scheduled mock test times to prepare you for the IELTS, under exam conditions - Offers full-time and part-time courses. Writing correction also offered outside class times TEACHERS Far too many students seek tutoring by people who simply passed the IELTS test with a high band score or have been to IELTS schools that use teachers without any certified teaching education. This is poor and why people never get the scores they need. Education Hub teachers in Melbourne are experts in IELTS coaching (over 25 years cumulative teaching experience) with Master’s degrees – the evidence is in the YouTube video to the left titled ‘Inside Education Hub’. They are trained in a specific proven methodology that has a track record of high scores (7 and above) on the IELTS exam. They are also individually IELTS examiner trained by a current IELTS examiner. Each of our teachers specialise in their own unique area: reading, writing, speaking and listening with native Australian teachers to assess your writing and speaking. Do you want high quality education by teachers with vast experience and knowledge? Do you want a high band score and sooner? Click on the link above for detailed background on our teachers. We GUARANTEE that you will get the HIGHEST LEVEL of IELTS training possible in Melbourne, INCLUDING AT ANY OF THE UNIVERSITIES. CURRICULUM Education Hub’s course is written by a current IELTS examiner. It covers the 12 essay topics, 4 different essay types Academic and General. Inside knowledge into BAND 7/8 vocabulary is provided. Action plans for each different reading question type including T, F, NG, matching headings and fill in the blanks. One on one speaking practice with the speaking specialist and listening tips to pass your test are guaranteed in most timetables.