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Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Schools

In Victoria, more than 40 government high schools offer programs for very able students which accelerate them through high school and reduce secondary schooling from six years to five years. Learning in core subjects is accelerated for students in these programs, and opportunities for in depth study are provided. Students usually complete years 7-10 in three years, giving them an extended range of options for their final years of schooling.

Students may subsequently choose to complete additional VCE units, enabling them to accrue a greater breadth of subjects. Some students undertake VCE Extension Studies which allows them to complete one or more university subjects as part of their VCE. Some students choose to enter tertiary education after only five years of secondary schooling.

Entrance is by examination, interview and teacher reference. Students may do five years in six or possibly extend their VCE by an additional year.

SEAL examinations are similar to scholarship tests. The test formats are Edutest, ACER (HAST - Higher Ability Selection Test) and University of NSW format. HAST is an ability test used by secondary schools to identify academically gifted students for participation in accelerated learning and enhancement programs while Higher Ability Selection Test - Primary (HAST-P) will help with assessment and placement at the middle primary level by determining which students are working at higher levels than their peers. Results from HAST-P can be used to verify existing information about a student or discriminate between those students already identified at the top end of performance. See HAST participating primary and secondary schools. The majority of state high school entrance exams are usually held in April. There are only 3 to 6 weeks to apply for the exams so watch carefully for the examination dates.

Due to the excellent reputation of these schools, each school zone becomes popular with soaring house prices. Entry into the programs can give a family outside the school zone an opportunity to get into the school.

This is a list of Victorian Secondary schools that have implemented the SEAL Program. For enquiries about a particular school SEAL program contact the SEAL coordinator of that school. If your schools has enrichment classes which are not in the list, please Contact Us. For other states or territory, please see Gifted and Talented Education below.

Test Prep

HAST-P Set of 6 Mathematical Reasoning Tests – for Higher Ability Selection Test - Primary

Note that Victorian state government discontinued the accreditation of SEAL programs in 2014. Since then, The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) has implemented its own accreditation scheme. SEAL Academy schools seek accreditation every three years by undergoing a thorough review process undertaken by independent educators. TAASS is a collective of like minded schools who strongly value Gifted Education in Victorian Government secondary schools.

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You can find select entry test dates and participating schools here: ACER and EduTest.

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