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Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions, 2nd Edition
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ImageTitleISBNFormatAuthorPub. DateStatusRRPOur Price*discount %*Add to Cart
American Sign Language for Dummies + Videos Online 9781119286073 BC Adan R. Penilla, II, Angela Lee Taylor, 20161118In_stock$35.95 $28.76 20% Buy Now
Book Love 9781888889611 BB James Charlton, Bill Henderson, 20110428To_order$21.95 $17.56 20% Buy Now
Book Love a Celebration of Writers, Readers & the Printed and Bound Book 9781888889833 BC James Charlton, Bill Henderson, 20170221In_stock$18.95 $15.16 20% Buy Now
Clean, Well-lighted Sentences 9780393067712 BB Janis Bell, , 20080917To_order$30.95 $24.76 20% Buy Now
Clean, Well-lighted Sentences 9780393337150 BC Janis Bell, , 20090908To_order$19.95 $15.96 20% Buy Now
Destination Weddings for Dummies 9780470129951 BC Susan Breslow Sardone, , 20070817To_order$28.95 $23.16 20% Buy Now
Dictionary of Symbols 9780393312362 BC Carl G. Liungman, , 19950217To_order$35.95 $28.76 20% Buy Now
English Grammar Workbook for Dummies, 2nd Edition 9780470930700 BC Geraldine Woods, , 20110318In_stock$23.95 $19.16 20% Buy Now
Etiquette for Dummies, 2nd Edition 9780470106723 BC Sue Fox, , 20070518To_order$32.95 $26.36 20% Buy Now
Freelancing for Australians for Dummies 9780731407620 BC Susan M. Drake, Monica Davidson, 20080715In_stock$39.95 $31.96 20% Buy Now
Hebrew for Dummies 9780764554896 BC Jill Suzanne Jacobs, , 20030502In_stock$35.95 $28.76 20% Buy Now
Research Papers for Dummies 9780764554261 BC Geraldine Woods, , 20020621To_order$23.95 $19.16 20% Buy Now
Robert's Rules for Dummies, 3rd Edition, Updated 9781119241713 BC C. Alan Jennings, PRP, , 20160422In_stock$28.95 $23.16 20% Buy Now
The ABCs of How We Learn 26 Scientifically Proven Approaches, How They Work, and When to Use Them 9780393709261 BC Daniel L. Schwartz, Jessica M. Tsang, Kristen P. Blair 20160726In_stock$35.95 $28.76 20% Buy Now
The Australian Editing Handbook 3E 9781118635957 BC Elizabeth Flann, Beryl Hill, Lan Wang 20140716In_stock$49.95 $39.96 20% Buy Now
The Bloomberg Way 9781119272311 BC John Micklethwait, Paul Addison, Jennifer Sondag 20170714In_stock$63.95 $51.16 20% Buy Now
The Official Scrabble Word-finder, Revised 9780028621326 BC Robert W. Schachner, , 19981116To_order$13.95 $11.16 20% Buy Now
The Thinker's Thesaurus Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words 9780393351255 BC Peter E. Meltzer, , 20150803In_stock$35.95 $28.76 20% Buy Now
To the Point a Dictionary of Concise Writing 9780393347173 BC Robert Hartwell Fiske, , 20140324In_stock$30.95 $24.76 20% Buy Now
University Planning for Canadians for Dummies 9781894413312 BC Caryn Mladen, David Rosen, Pat Ordovensky 20010823To_order$37.95 $33.21 12.5% Buy Now
Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch 9780393081169 BB Constance Hale, , 20121015To_order$38.95 $31.16 20% Buy Now
Visual Note-taking for Educators a Teacher's Guide for Student Creativity 9780393708455 BC Wendi Pillars, , 20151130To_order$25.95 $20.76 20% Buy Now
Vocabulary for Dummies 9780764553936 BC Laurie E. Rozakis, , 20011201To_order$28.95 $23.16 20% Buy Now
Wedding Etiquette for Dummies 9780470502082 BC Sue Fox, , 20091113To_order$28.95 $23.16 20% Buy Now
Women Poets of China 9780811208215 BB Kenneth Rexroth, Ling Chung, 19820217To_order$20.95 $16.76 20% Buy Now
Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies 9780764525544 BC Leslie Wainger, , 20040423To_order$28.95 $23.16 20% Buy Now
Writing Children's Books for Dummies, 2nd Edition 9781118356463 BC Lisa Rojany Buccieri, Peter Economy, 20121207In_stock$28.95 $23.16 20% Buy Now
Writing Copy for Dummies 9780764569692 BC Jonathan Kranz, , 20041015To_order$28.95 $23.16 20% Buy Now

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