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Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions, 2nd Edition
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ImageTitleISBNFormatAuthorPub. DateStatusRRPOur Price*discount %*Add to Cart
Careers in Fashion and Textiles 9781405118347 BC Helen Goworek, , 20060802To_order$66.95 $53.56 20% Buy Now
Clothing - a Global History, Or, the Imperialists'new Clothes 9780745631875 BC Robert Ross, , 20080905To_order$39.95 $31.96 20% Buy Now
Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers2e 9781405199742 BC Gerry Cooklin, Steven George Hayes, John McLoughlin 20111216In_stock$60.95 $48.76 20% Buy Now
Dressmaking Simplified 3E 9780632022168 BC Valerie Cock, , 19870325To_order$55.95 $44.76 20% Buy Now
Fashion Buying 2E 9781405149921 BC Helen Goworek, , 20070514To_order$64.95 $51.96 20% Buy Now
Fashion Design - Process, Innovation and Practice 2E 9780470655771 BC Kathryn McKelvey, Janine Munslow, 20111202In_stock$73.95 $59.16 20% Buy Now
Fashion Designer's Handbook for Adobe Illustrator 2nd Edition 9781119978114 BC Marianne Centner, Frances Vereker, 20110930In_stock$62.95 $50.36 20% Buy Now
Fashion Drawing for Dummies 9780470601600 BC Lisa Arnold, Marianne Egan, 20120420In_stock$35.95 $28.76 20% Buy Now
Fashion Forecasting 9781405140041 BC Kathryn McKelvey, Janine Munslow, 20080926In_stock$66.95 $53.56 20% Buy Now
Fashion Marketing 3E 9781405139533 BC , , 20081010To_order$62.95 $50.36 20% Buy Now
Fashion Marketing Communications 9781405150606 BC Gaynor Lea-Greenwood, , 20121214To_order$60.95 $48.76 20% Buy Now
Fashion Source Book 2E 9781405126939 BC Kathryn McKelvey, , 20060201To_order$66.95 $53.56 20% Buy Now
Fashion, Media, Promotion - the New Black Magic 9781405194211 BC Jayne Sheridan, , 20100423To_order$78.95 $63.16 20% Buy Now
Guide to Basic Garment Assembly for the Fashion Industry 9781405198882 BC Jayne Smith, , 20130322In_stock$62.95 $50.36 20% Buy Now
How Fashion Works - Couture, Ready-to-wear and Mass Production 9780632057528 BC Gavin Waddell, , 20040806To_order$66.95 $53.56 20% Buy Now
Illustrating Fashion 2E 9781405139526 BC Kathryn McKelvey, Janine Munslow, 20070314To_order$66.95 $53.56 20% Buy Now
Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear 6E 9781444335057 BB Winifred Aldrich, , 20150220In_stock$73.95 $59.16 20% Buy Now
The Apparel Industry 2E 9781405135993 BC Richard Jones, , 20060704To_order$89.95 $71.96 20% Buy Now
The Freelance Fashion Designer's Handbook 9781444335064 BC Paula Keech, , 20120323To_order$62.95 $50.36 20% Buy Now

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