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Art of the Monologue 9781876580490 John Upton Drama $26.95  Buy Now
Bill & Mary 9781876580629 Bille Brown Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Bill & Mary Teacher's Resource Book 9781876580636 Helen Sykes Drama $24.95  Buy Now
Burnt Piano 9781921586408 Justin Fleming Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Cassandra - and other monologues for girls 9781921586323 Richard Baines Drama $21.95  Buy Now
Catch the Bard - six plays for getting into Shakespeare 9781921586446 Carla MooreYears 7-8Drama $22.95  Buy Now
Codgers 9781921586293 Don Reid Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Crate of Souls 9781921586415 Verity Laughton Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Drama Cuts 9781921586279 edited Susan Battye Drama $25.95  Buy Now
Drama Cuts Teacher's Resource Book 9781924586309 Susan Battye Drama $29.95  Buy Now
Drama It's All Talk 9781876580988 Stan Barrett Drama $29.95  Buy Now
Exit the King 9781921085659 Eugene Ioensco Drama $22.95  Buy Now
Framed: four plays, four genres 9781921586255 Carla Moore Drama $22.95  Buy Now
Ghosts 9781921085918 Henrik Ibsen, in a new version Nicki Bloom Drama $18.95  Buy Now
Henry V: Shorter Shakespeare 9781872365787   Drama $16.95The Shorter Shakespeare series Buy Now
Land Beyond the River 9781921586217 Justin Fleming Drama $14.95  Buy Now
Macbeth Shorter Shakespeare 9781872365596   Drama $16.95Shorter Shakespeare series Buy Now
Mapping Drama 9781921085000 Allen Owens and Keith Barber Drama $39.95Creating, Developing and Evaluating Process Drama Buy Now
Midsummer Nights Dream: Shorter Shakespeare 9781872365879   Drama $16.95Shorter Shakespeare Series Buy Now
Much Ado About Nothing: Shorter Shakespeare 9781872365992   Drama $16.95Shorter Shakespeare Series Buy Now
Nargun and the Stars 9781921085970 Patricia Wrightson Drama $17.95Adapated by Verity Laughton from the novel Buy Now
Nargun and the Stars Teacher's Resource Book 9781921586095 Matthew Clausen Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Navigating Flinders 9781921085925 Don Reid Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Over the Moon and Far Away 9781921586637 Carla Moore Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Play it for Real 9781876580995 Stan Barrett Drama $29.95  Buy Now
Play on Bill: A Midsummer Nights Dream 9781921586316 Richard Baines Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Play on Bill: Macbeth 9781921085963 Richard Baines Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Play on Bill: Romeo and Juliet 9781921085987 Richard Baines Drama $19.95  Buy Now
Play on Bill: The Tempest 9781921586507 Richard Baines Drama $19.95Tempest, Anyone? Buy Now
Right or Wrong 9781876580339 Goldie Alexander and Hazel EdwardsYears 7-9Drama $17.95Plays to Make You Think Buy Now
Right or Wrong Teacher Notes 9781876580391 Goldie Alexander and Hazel EdwardsYears 7-9 teachersDrama $19.95  Buy Now
Romeo and Juliet: Shorter Shakespeare 9781872365541   Drama $16.95The Shorter Shakespeare series Buy Now
Shakespeare's World: Two Plays 9781921085109 John Upton and Cheapside David Allen Drama $24.95Men of Honour Buy Now
Stage Lines 9781921586484 Justin Fleming Drama $32.95Writing Scripts for the Stage Buy Now
The Governor's Family 9781921085727 Beatrix Christian Drama $22.95  Buy Now
The Hypochondriac 9781921586125 Molière, a new adaptation Paul Galloway  Drama $19.95  Buy Now
The School of Arts 9781921085192 Bille Brown Drama $22.95a play Buy Now
The Tempest: Shorter Shakespeare 9781905600076   Drama $16.95Shorter Shakespeare series Buy Now
Tricking the Tiger 9781876580322 Edel WignellYears 6, 7 & 8Drama $15.95Plays based on Asian folk tales Buy Now
Tricking the Tiger Teacher Resource Book 9781876580384 Edel WignellYears 6, 7 & 8 teachersDrama $19.95  Buy Now
Twelfth Night: Shorter Shakespeare 9781872365619   Drama $16.95Shorter Shakespeare series Buy Now
Shakespeare's World: Two Plays 9781921085109 John Upton and Cheapside David AllenYears 9-11DramaDrama Scripts$24.95  Buy Now
Whimsical Fellow: an encounter with John Shaw Neilson 9781921586521 Don Reid DramaDrama Scripts$17.95A play for one actor Buy Now
Working Title 9781921586552 Richard Baines DramaDrama Scripts$19.95  Buy Now
Playing with Shakespeare 9781921085321 John Clark DramaTeaching Drama$36.95A Theatrical Approach to Teaching Shakespeare Buy Now
Political Theatre 9781921085048 edited John Hughes DramaTeaching Drama$29.95Modern Drama series Buy Now
Shakespeare's World Teacher Resource Book 9781921085123 Jo-Ann Nibbs and Wayne Sawyer DramaTeaching Drama$24.95  Buy Now

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