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Construction of Wills in Australia 9780409320954 BC Haines, D, , 20070821In_stock$165.00 $140.25 Buy Now
Quick Reference Card: Succession Law 9780409328110 BC Vines, , 20101221In_stock$19.00 $16.15 Buy Now
Law of Succession (Hardback) 9780409331912 BB Dal Pont, G, Mackie, K, 20121129In_stock$285.00 $242.25 Buy Now
Succession: Families, Property and Death, 4th Edition 9780409333435 BC Croucher, R, Vines, P, 20130910In_stock$149.00 $126.65 Buy Now
Statutory Will Applications: A Practical Guide 9780409337020 BC Williams, R, McCullough, S, 20131217In_stock$135.00 $114.75 Buy Now
Powers of Attorney, 2nd edition 9780409337907 BC Dal Pont, G, , 20141118In_stock$161.00 $136.85 Buy Now
Estate Planning: A Practical Guide for Estate and Financial Services Professionals, 4th edition 9780409339482 BC Perkins, M, Monahan, R, 20150302In_stock$215.00 $182.75 Buy Now
Hutley’s Australian Wills Precedents, 9th Edition (Hard cover) 9780409344059 BB Birtles, C, Neal, R, 20160929In_stock$275.00 $233.75 Buy Now
Hutley’s Australian Wills Precedents, 9th Edition 9780409344042 BC Birtles, C, Neal, R, 20160929In_stock$189.00 $160.65 Buy Now
Testamentary Trusts : Strategies and Precedents (previously titled Discretionary Trusts, Precedents and Commentary), 2nd edition (Hard cover) 9780409342994 BB Sundar, V, Rowland, C, Bailey, P 20160712In_stock$217.00 $184.45 Buy Now
Family Provision in Australia, 5th edition (Hardback) 9780409345339 BB de Groot, J, Nickel, B, 20161214In_stock$250.00 $212.50 Buy Now
Family Provision in Australia, 5th edition 9780409346947 BC de Groot, J, Nickel, B, 20161214In_stock$219.00 $186.15 Buy Now
Principles of Australian Succession Law, 3rd edition 9780409345315 BC Mackie, K, , 20170517In_stock$99.00 $84.15 Buy Now
Law of Succession, 2nd edition (Cased) 9780409347340 BB Dal Pont, G E, Mackie, K F, 20170630In_stock$295.00 $250.75 Buy Now
Law of Succession, 2nd edition 9780409347722 BC Dal Pont, G E, Mackie, K F, 20170809In_stock$250.00 $212.50 Buy Now

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