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Company Directors: Principles of Law and Corporate Governance 9780409313352 BB Austin, Ford, Ramsay 20050211In_stock$311.00 $264.35 Buy Now
Corporations and Associations: Cases and Materials Tenth Edition 9780409324341 BC Baxt, R, Fletcher, K, Fridman, S 20081218In_stock$169.00 $143.65 Buy Now
Applied Corporate Law: A Bilingual Approach 9780409325638 BC Li, G, Riley, S, 20090515In_stock$59.00 $50.15 Buy Now
Deregistration and Reinstatement of Companies and Schemes 9780409334371 BC Tarrant, Prof. J, , 20130510In_stock$168.00 $142.80 Buy Now
Company Law: Theories, Principles and Applications, 2nd edition 9780409339338 BC Harris, J., , 20150225In_stock$149.00 $126.65 Buy Now
Ford, Austin & Ramsay's Principles of Corporations Law, 16th edition 9780409338386 BC Austin, R., Ramsay, I., 20141218In_stock$165.00 $140.25 Buy Now
Quick Reference Card: Corporations Law Directors' Duties, 3rd edition 9780409341492 BC Hyland, M, Nehme, M, 20150626In_stock$18.00 $15.30 Buy Now
Australian Corporate Law, 5th edition 9780409341751 BC Harris, J, Hargovan, A, Adams, M 20151127In_stock$135.00 $114.75 Buy Now
Corporate Information and the Law, 2nd edition 9780409342918 BC Gamertsfelder, L., , 20151130In_stock$150.00 $127.50 Buy Now
Governance and Conduct Obligations in Financial Services 9780409343489 BC Gamertsfelder, L, , 20161212In_stock$155.00 $131.75 Buy Now
Company Directors: Principles of Law and Corporate Governance, 2nd edition (Cased) 9780409337884 BB Austin, R, Ramsay, P, 20181031Not_yet_available$325.00 $276.25 Buy Now
Corporate Governance 9780409344028 BC Farrar, J, Hanrahan, P, 20161128In_stock$145.00 $123.25 Buy Now
Ford, Austin and Ramsay’s Principles of Corporations Law, 17th edition 9780409345537 BC Ramsay, I M, Austin, R P, 20180322In_stock$165.00 $140.25 Buy Now
Australian Corporate Law, 6th Edition 9780409347586 BC Harris, J, Hargovan, A, Adams, M 20171218In_stock$139.00 $118.15 Buy Now
Australian Corporations Legislation 2018 Student Edition 9780409346206 BC LexisNexis, , 20171229In_stock$99.00 $84.15 Buy Now

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