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LexisNexis Quick Reference Card: Evidence Law for Common Law States 9780409331646 BC Field, D, , 20120224In_stock$19.00 $16.15 Buy Now
The College of Law Practice Papers NSW 2014 - Set of 4 Volumes 9780000683038 BB The College of Law, , 20131108Out_of_stock$486.00 $413.10 Buy Now
How to Guide Bundle 9780000940858 WX Alexander, N, Howieson, J, Boulle, L 20120101In_stock$249.00 $211.65 Buy Now
LexisNexis Case Summaries: Administrative Law, 6th edition (eBook) 9780409338676 DG Ardagh, A, , 20141205In_stock$40.00 $34.00 Buy Now
LexisNexis Case Summaries: Real Property, 4th edition (eBook) 9780409338652 DG Newton, G, Cheung, J, 20141017In_stock$40.00 $34.00 Buy Now
International Trade and Business Law Review, Volume XVIII 2015 9780409341584 BC Moens, G, , 20150220In_stock$156.09 $132.68 Buy Now
Curtin Law and Taxation Review, Volume I, 2014 9780409339642 BC Edelman, J, Pinto, D, 20141118In_stock$129.00 $109.65 Buy Now
LexisNexis Study Guide: International Law (eBook) 9780409338942 DG Tully, S, Lewis, B, Quirico, O 20150730In_stock$54.00 $45.90 Buy Now
Criminal Processes and Investigative Procedures - Victoria and Commonwealth, 3rd edition 9780409339772 BC Arenson, K, Bagaric, M, 20150819In_stock$90.00 $76.50 Buy Now
Law and Law Breaking in Game of Thrones 9780409343281 BC deZwart, M, Bosland, J, 20151001In_stock$32.00 $27.20 Buy Now
International Trade and Business Law Review, Volume XIX, 2016 9780409344134 BC Moens, G A, , 20160129In_stock$145.20 $123.42 Buy Now
Curtin Law and Taxation Review, Volume II, 2015 9780409344127 BC Edelman, J, Pinto, D, 20160120In_stock$145.20 $123.42 Buy Now
Mastering Law Study and Law Exam Techniques, 9th edition 9780409343182 BC Krever, R, , 20160517In_stock$72.00 $61.20 Buy Now
LexisNexis Australian Legal Dictionary, 2nd edition 9780409344752 BB LexisNexis, , 20161012In_stock$495.00 $420.75 Buy Now
Watching Me, Watching You: Surveillance, Privacy and the Media 9780409346992 BC Bosland, J, de Zwart, M, 20170428Out_of_stock$141.90 $120.62 Buy Now
Corporations Law: A Custom Publication for Melbourne Law School and Australian Corporations Legislation 2017 (Bundle) 9780001179776 WX LexisNexis, , 20170608Out_of_stock$221.40 $188.19 Buy Now
Law in Practice - The basics QRC Bundle 9780001131491 WX LexisNexis, , 20171017In_stock$199.00 $169.15 Buy Now

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