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Tennis  210 
Soccer  23 
Surfing  4 
Football  2 
Martial Arts  2 
Skating  1 
AFL  1 
Athletics  1 
Horse Riding  1 
Level 1  1 
State Suburb
Subject Level
Name Specialty
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Unique by Location or SubjectStateNameFeature LinkCourse RangeHistory (Years)Students (approximate)Special PurposeSuburbSubject NameLevelsClass SizeFee
NSW Studio GBW All Levels1550 Baulkham HillsAFLAll Levels $60/session
NSW Studio GBW All Levels1550 Baulkham HillsAthleticsAll Levels $60/session
NSW TROWBRIDGE, Luis Other  Level 1CREMORNEHorse RidingOther  
NSW ROBERTS, Stephen Other  Level 1ROCKDALELevel 1Other  
NSW Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do All Levels2214Sports Karate for all school age studentsKellyvilleMartial ArtsAll Levels12casual fee of $7:00 per session
NSW Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do All Levels2214Sports Karate for all school age studentsKellyvilleMartial ArtsAll Levels12casual fee of $7:00 per session
NSW TROWBRIDGE, Luis Other  Level 1CREMORNESkatingOther  
NSW Birrong Soccer Club Other  Clubs-Social & GeneralBirrongSoccerOther  
NSW SIMPSON, Darren Other  Level 1WEST PENNANT HILLSSoccerOther  
NSW International Football Group Other  Soccer ClubMenaiSoccerOther  
NSW Soccer Under the Stars Other  Soccer ClubGlenmore ParkSoccerOther  
NSW Cobreloa Soccer Club Other  Soccer ClubFairfieldSoccerOther  
NSW Kenthurst Soccer Club Other  Soccer ClubKenthurstSoccerOther  
NSW Marrickville Soccer Club Other  Soccer ClubMarrickville SouthSoccerOther  
NSW Norwest Soccer Club Other  Soccer ClubBaulkham HillsSoccerOther  
NSW Cerro Football Academy Other  Soccer ClubCherrybrookSoccerOther  
NSW Sydney Football Club Pty Ltd Other  Soccer ClubBondi JunctionSoccerOther  
NSW Wakehurst Football Club Other  Soccer ClubFrenchs ForestSoccerOther  
NSW Camden Soccer Club Other  SportingCamdenSoccerOther  
NSW Soccer NSW Other  Sporting OrganisationGlenwoodSoccerOther  
NSW Football Mundial Other  Training ServicesOatleySoccerOther  
NSW Sydney Soccer School Other  Tuition-EducationalKingsfordSoccerOther  
NSW Manly Surf School/Palm Beach Surfschool Not Specified10  Collaroy BeachSurfingNot Specified  
NSW Line Up Surf Australia Not Specified10  Dee WhySurfingNot Specified  
NSW Manly Surf School/Palm Beach Surfschool Not Specified10  Collaroy BeachSurfingNot Specified  
NSW Tennis Coaches Australia All Levels   Sydney MarketsTennisAll Levels  
NSW Tennis Coaches Australia NSW All Levels   Sydney Olympic ParkTennisAll Levels  
NSW Banner G E Tennis Coach All Levels   Castle HillTennisAll Levels  
NSW SUTTON, Karena Other   MT COLAHTennisOther  
NSW SYSAVANH, Philippe Other  Level 1PRESTONSTennisOther  
NSW STEINLE DAVIES, Evan Other  Level 1HUNTERS HILLTennisOther  
NSW MATCHETT, Laurie Other  Level 1North RocksTennisOther  
NSW MAX, Shaun Other  Level 1STRATHFIELDTennisOther  
NSW MCKENNA, Karl Other  Level 1BEROWRATennisOther  
NSW MCLEAN, James Other  Level 1BALGOWLAH HEIGHTSTennisOther  
NSW MEADLEY, Ben Other  Level 1OATLEYTennisOther  
NSW SHERMAN, Russell Other  Level 1ASHFIELDTennisOther  
NSW SHIRAOGAWA, Hiroko Other  Level 1LEICHHARDTTennisOther  
NSW PLANT, Stuart Other  Level 1PENRITHTennisOther  
NSW PRIOR, Melissa Other  Level 1BELFIELDTennisOther  
NSW SIMPSON, Darren Other  Level 1WEST PENNANT HILLSTennisOther  
NSW MOLONEY, David Other  Level 1DuralTennisOther  
NSW MOUNJED, Rod Other10 Level 1BONDI JUNCTIONTennisOther  
NSW MUIR, Cameron Other  Level 1TERREY HILLSTennisOther  
NSW MAK, Simon Other  Level 1ROCKDALETennisOther  
NSW MURPHY, Damian Other  Level 1COOGEETennisOther  
NSW MURPHY, Justin Other  Level 1PADDINGTONTennisOther  
NSW MURRAY, James Other  Level 1PYMBLETennisOther  
NSW NEWELL, Brian Other  Level 1MIDDLE COVETennisOther  
NSW NEWMAN, Jessica Other  Level 1BELLEVUE HILLTennisOther  
NSW NGUYEN, Hung Other  Level 1FAIRFIELD WESTTennisOther  
NSW NOVAKOVIC, Denis Other  Level 1KOGARAHTennisOther  
NSW VALFI, Tamas Other  Level 1MARRICKVILLETennisOther  
NSW VALOUCH, Petr Other  Level 1CHIPPENDALETennisOther  
NSW TERRA, Robert Other  Level 1COLLAROYTennisOther  
NSW THORNBER, Mark Andrew Other  Level 1MOUNT DRUITTTennisOther  
NSW TO, Day Other  Level 1HINCHINBROOKTennisOther  
NSW TRAN, Anh Other  Level 1GREYSTANESTennisOther  
NSW TRIKALIOTIS, Maria Other  Level 1BEVERLY HILLSTennisOther  
NSW TROWBRIDGE, Luis Other  Level 1CREMORNETennisOther  
NSW RIGBY, Jillian Other  Level 1ELIZABETH BAYTennisOther  
NSW RIGG, James Other  Level 1MANLYTennisOther  
NSW RYNSAARDT, Sue Other  Level 1BEVERLY HILLSTennisOther  
NSW YU, Jimmy Other  Level 1DUNDASTennisOther  
NSW KEYES, Kelley Other  Level 1CHERRYBROOKTennisOther  
NSW LAU, Bertrand Other  Level 1EAST ROSEVILLETennisOther  
NSW LAW, Garvin Other  Level 1EAST KILLARATennisOther  
NSW LEJEUNE, Emika Other  Level 1DEE WHYTennisOther  
NSW LEONOV, Alexander Other  Level 1STRATHFIELDTennisOther  
NSW LI, Boris Other  Level 1ROSEBERYTennisOther  
NSW BORENSTEIN, Ben Other  Level 1CAMPERDOWNTennisOther  
NSW BOSTOCK, Gary Other  Level 1NEWPORTTennisOther  
NSW BOUSTANI, Barbara Other  Level 1KINGSFORDTennisOther  
NSW BRENNAN-TAYLOR, Moya Other  Level 1TURRAMURRATennisOther  
NSW BROWN, Ian Other  Level 1BEROWRATennisOther  
NSW BURGER, Paul Other  Level 1ST IVESTennisOther  
NSW CAMPBELL, Brett Other  Level 1PENRITHTennisOther  
NSW CHAN, Edwin Other  Level 1NORTH RYDETennisOther  
NSW CHEUNG, Vernon Other  Level 1EAST KILLARATennisOther  
NSW DA SILVA, Manuel Other  Level 1KINGSFORDTennisOther  
NSW DANGALLE, Piyantha Other  Level 1GLENWOODTennisOther  
NSW DAVID, Jerel Other  Level 1CASTLE HILLTennisOther  
NSW DEELEY, Lauren Other  Level 1NEWPORTTennisOther  
NSW DEMPSEY, Graham Other  Level 1RANDWICKTennisOther  
NSW DIVE, Garry Other  Level 1COOGEETennisOther  
NSW ELLIOTT, Cate Other  Level 1DRUMMOYNETennisOther  
NSW ELLWOOD, Jack Other  Level 1SURRY HILLSTennisOther  
NSW GALLEN, Kevin Other  Level 1KELLYVILLETennisOther  
NSW GEORGAS, Alexandros Other  Level 1MOUNT DRUITTTennisOther  
NSW GIBSON, Nikki Other  Level 1RIVERVIEWTennisOther  
NSW GILTINAN, Lara Other  Level 1CROMER HEIGHTSTennisOther  
NSW GILTINAN, Robert Other  Level 1CROMERTennisOther  
NSW GIOVAS, John Other  Level 1HURSTVILLETennisOther  
NSW GRIFFITH, Ian Other  Level 1BEROWRATennisOther  
NSW HAES, David Other  Level 1TERREY HILLSTennisOther  
NSW GORITSAS, Helen Other  Level 1KINGSGROVETennisOther  
NSW HISCOX, Todd Other  Level 1BEROWRA HEIGHTSTennisOther  
NSW HISCOX, Todd Other  Level 1BEROWRA HEIGHTSTennisOther  
NSW HUETT, Wade Other  Level 1BEROWRATennisOther  
NSW HURLEY, Michael Other  Level 1BONDITennisOther  

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