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Sample Test Papers for Selective High School Entrance in NSW

Reading 1 Mathematics 1 General ability 1 Writing 1
Reading 2 Mathematics 2 General ability 2 Writing 2
Reading 3 Mathematics 3 General ability 3 Writing 3
Not available Mathematics 4 General ability 4 Not available


Selective High Schools Test Sample - One Complete Set

Past Test Papers for Selective High School Entrance in NSW

Tests with Answers
Reading: 2001
Mathsmatics: 2001 | 2002 | 2003
General ability: 2001 | 2002 | 2003

Practice Tests for Selective High School Entrance in Victoria

Year 8 Selective Entrance sample tests:
Creative Writing | Analytical Writing | Mathematics | Reading Comprehension | Verbal Reasoning | Numerical Reasoning | Test Answers

Test Prep Q & A

Q: I need more past test papers. How can I get them?

A: When you register for ACER/EduTest scholarship or selective school entrance tests, you will have free sample test papers. Also you can order practice test papers from them online. But we don’t think they sell past papers.

Practice is the key to excel in the tests. You may need to buy more selective school and scholarship test practice papers or books for practice.

Aim for top results? Find a tutor, a music teacher or a  coaching school.

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