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Essential Medical Genetics, Includes Desktop Edition, 6th Edition
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20th century & contemporary classical music
Energy technology & engineering
20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000
Engineering graphics & technical drawing
Office & workplace
21st century history: from c 2000 -
Engineering skills & trades
Old Testaments
Abnormal psychology
Engineering thermodynamics
Accident & emergency medicine
Engineering: general
Open learning, home learning, distance education
English Civil War
Acoustic & sound engineering
English language teaching (ELT)
Operating systems
Acquisitions & collection development
Entertainment & media law
Operational research
Acting techniques
Addiction & therapy
Environment law
Optical physics
Adult education, continuous learning
Environment, transport & planning law
Environmental archaeology
Oral & maxillofacial surgery
Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)
Environmental economics
Oral history
Environmental factors
Advertising & society
Environmental management
Organic chemistry
Advice on careers & achieving success
Environmental medicine
Organization & management of education
Environmental monitoring
Organizational theory & behaviour
Aerial photography
Environmental policy & protocols
Organized crime
African history
Environmental science, engineering & technology
Organometallic chemistry
Age groups
Environmentalist thought & ideology
Oriental & Indian philosophy
Age groups: adolescents
Environmentalist, conservationist & Green organizations
Oriental art
Age groups: children
Oriental religions
Age groups: the elderly
Epidemiology & medical statistics
Origami & paper engineering
Agency law
Equine veterinary medicine
Orthodox & Oriental Churches
Agnosticism & atheism
Equity & trusts
Orthopaedics & fractures
Agricultural economics
Erotic art
Other branches of medicine
Agricultural law
Espionage & secret services
Other non-Christian religions
Agricultural science
Ethical & social aspects of IT
Other Nonconformist & Evangelical Churches
Agriculture & farming
Ethical issues & debates
Other performing arts
Agriculture & related industries
Ethical issues: abortion & birth control
Other warfare & defence issues
Aid & relief programmes
Ethical issues: capital punishment
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Ethical issues: censorship
Ownership & organization of enterprises
Algebraic geometry
Ethical issues: euthanasia & right to die
Paediatric medicine
Algebraic topology
Ethical issues: pornography & obscenity
Paediatric nursing
Algorithms & data structures
Ethical issues: prostitution & sex industry
Pain & pain management
Alternative & renewable energy industries
Ethical issues: scientific & technological developments
Painting & paintings
Alternative & renewable energy sources & technology
Ethics & moral philosophy
Palaeography (history of writing)
Alternative belief systems
Ethnic minorities & multicultural studies
Alternative lifestyles
Ethnic studies
Palliative medicine
Alzheimer’s & dementia
EU & European institutions
Parallel processing
American Civil War
European history
Parasitology (non-medical)
American War of Independence
Particle & high-energy physics
Examination of patients
Patents law
Analytic geometry
Examinations & assessment
Analytical chemistry
Exhibition catalogues & specific collections
Peace studies & conflict resolution
Analytical philosophy & Logical Positivism
Experimental psychology
Penology & punishment
Family & health
Family law
Pensions law
Ancient Egyptian religion & mythology
Family law: marriage & divorce
Pentecostal Churches
Ancient Greek religion & mythology
Family psychology
People & places (Children's / Teenage)
Ancient history: to c 500 CE
Ancient religions & mythologies
Percussion instruments
Anglican & Episcopalian Churches, Church of England
Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)
Performance art
Animal behaviour
Fascism & Nazism
Performing arts: comedy
Animal ecology
Fashion & society
Personal & public health
Animal pathology & diseases
Fashion design & theory
Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works
Animal physiology
Feminism & feminist theory
Personal computers
Animal reproduction
Fibre optics
Personal finance
Animal spectacles
Fiction & related items
Personal injury
Animals & society
Film guides & reviews
Personal property law
Animated films
Film scripts & screenplays
Personal tax
Anthologies (Children's / Teenage)
Film theory & criticism
Personnel & human resources management
Anthologies (non-poetry)
Film, TV & radio
Petroleum & oil industries
Film: styles & genres
Antiques & collectables: books, manuscripts, ephemera & printed matter
Films, cinema
Pharmaceutical industries
Applied ecology
Applied linguistics for ELT
Finance & accounting
Pharmacy / dispensing
Applied mathematics
Financial accounting
Phenomenology & Existentialism
Applied physics
Financial law
Financial reporting, financial statements
Philosophy & theory of education
Arbitration, mediation & alternative dispute resolution
Financial services industry
Philosophy of language
Archaeological science, methodology & techniques
Financial services law & regulation
Philosophy of mathematics
Archaeological theory
First World War
Philosophy of mind
Fisheries & related industries
Philosophy of religion
Archaeology by period / region
Fishes (ichthyology)
Philosophy of science
Architectural structure & design
Flow, turbulence, rheology
Philosophy: aesthetics
Fluid mechanics
Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge
Armaments industries
Folk & traditional music
Philosophy: logic
Armed conflict
Folk art
Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology
Arms negotiation & control
Folklore, myths & legends
Phonetics, phonology
Arms trade
Food & beverage technology
Photographs: collections
Art & design styles: Art Nouveau
Food & society
Photography & photographs
Art & design styles: Baroque
Food manufacturing & related industries
Physical anthropology
Art & design styles: c 1900 to c 1960
Forensic medicine
Physical chemistry
Art & design styles: Classicism
Forensic science
Physical geography & topography
Art & design styles: from c 1960
Forestry & related industries
Art & design styles: Impressionism & Post-Impressionism
Forests, rainforests
Physiological & neuro-psychology, biopsychology
Art & design styles: Pre-Raphaelite art
Forgery, falsification & theft of artworks
Art & design styles: Romanticism
Fractal geometry
Art & design styles: Surrealism & Dada
Picture books
Art forms
Freedom of information & freedom of speech
Picture books, activity books & early learning material
Art of indigenous peoples
French Revolution
Picture dictionaries (Children's / Teenage)
Art styles not defined by date
Freshwater biology
Picture storybooks
Art techniques & principles
Functional analysis & transforms
Pigments, dyestuffs & paint technology
Art: financial aspects
Funding of education & student finance
Place names & gazetteers
Artificial intelligence
Galaxies & stars
Places & peoples: general & pictorial works
Asian history
Game theory
Planning law
Aspects of religion (non-Christian)
Gardens (descriptions, history etc)
Plant ecology
Astronomical observation: observatories, equipment & methods
Gas industries
Plant pathology & diseases
Astronomy, space & time
Plant physiology
Gay & Lesbian studies
Plant reproduction & propagation
Atlases & maps (Children’s/Teenage)
Gender & the law
Plasma physics
Atmospheric physics
Gender studies, gender groups
Plastics & polymers technology
Atomic & molecular physics
Gender studies: men
Plays, playscripts
Audiology & otology
Gender studies: transsexuals & hermaphroditism
Australasian & Pacific history
Gender studies: women
Poetry (Children's / Teenage)
Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome
Gene therapy
Poetry anthologies (various poets)
Autobiography: arts & entertainment
Genealogy, heraldry, names & honours
Poetry by individual poets
Autobiography: general
General & world history
Police & security services
Autobiography: historical, political & military
General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Police law & police procedures
Autobiography: literary
General practice
Political activism
Autobiography: religious & spiritual
General surgery
Political campaigning & advertising
Autobiography: science, technology & medicine
Genetics (non-medical)
Political control & freedoms
Automatic control engineering
Genocide & ethnic cleansing
Political corruption
Baby books
Political economy
Baby names
Geographical discovery & exploration
Political geography
Bacteriology (non-medical)
Geographical information systems (GIS) & remote sensing
Political ideologies
Political leaders & leadership
Geological surface processes (geomorphology)
Political parties
Banking & finance: study & revision guides
Geology & the lithosphere
Political science & theory
Banking law
Political structure & processes
Bankruptcy & insolvency
Political structures: democracy
Baptist Churches
Political structures: totalitarianism & dictatorship
Baroque music (c 1600 to c 1750)
Geriatric medicine
Politics & government
Gift books
Pollution & threats to the environment
Polymer chemistry
Behavioural economics
Popular astronomy & space
Behavioural theory (Behaviourism)
Grammar & vocabulary
Popular culture
Bible readings, selections & meditations
Grammar, syntax & morphology
Popular economics
Bible studies: for individual or small group study
Popular mathematics
Groups & group theory
Popular medicine & health
Biblical archaeology
Popular music, easy listening
Biblical commentaries
Gulf War
Popular philosophy
Biblical exegesis & hermeneutics
Gynaecology & obstetrics
Popular psychology
Biblical studies & exegesis
Popular science
Bibliographies, catalogues
Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
Population & demography
Bilingual & multilingual dictionaries
Health & personal development
Postal & telecommunications industries
Bilingual/multilingual dictionaries (Children's / Teenage)
Health & safety issues
Postwar 20th century history, from c 1945 to c 2000
Bilingualism & multilingualism
Health economics
Poverty & unemployment
Biochemical engineering
Health psychology
Power generation & distribution
Health systems & services
Power networks, systems, stations & plants
Power utilization & applications
Hereditary diseases & disorders
Pre-clinical medicine: basic sciences
Biography & True Stories
Higher & further education, tertiary education
Prehistoric archaeology
Biography: arts & entertainment
Hindu life & practice
Pre-school & kindergarten
Biography: business & industry
Hindu sacred texts
Press & journalism
Biography: general
Hindu worship, rites & ceremonies
Pressure groups & lobbying
Biography: historical, political & military
Primary sources of law
Biography: literary
Hispanic & Latino studies
Biography: religious & spiritual
Historical & comparative linguistics
Printing, packaging & reprographic industry
Biography: royalty
Historical fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Prisoners of war
Biography: science, technology & medicine
Historical geography
Biography: sport
Historical geology
Privacy law
Biology, life sciences
Private / Civil law: general works
Biomechanics, human kinetics
Private international law & conflict of laws
Biomedical engineering
History & the past: general interest (Children's / Teenage)
Probability & statistics
History of architecture
Procurement law
History of art & design styles: c 1400 to c 1600
Production & quality control management
History of art & design styles: c 1600 to c 1800
Production engineering
Biotechnology industries
History of art & design styles: c 1800 to c 1900
Program concepts / learning to program
Birds (ornithology)
History of art & design styles: from c 1900 -
Programming & scripting languages: general
Birth control, contraception, family planning
History of art / art & design styles
Project management
Black & Asian studies
History of art: ancient & classical art,BCE to c 500 CE
Blasphemy, heresy, apostasy
History of art: Byzantine & Medieval art c 500 CE to c 1400
Property & real estate
History of art: pre-history
Property law
Body art & tattooing
History of engineering & technology
Prose: non-fiction
Botany & plant sciences
History of ideas
Brass band, military music & marches
History of mathematics
Protestantism & Protestant Churches
Bricklaying & plastering
History of medicine
Psychiatric nursing
British & Irish history
History of other lands
History of religion
Psychoanalytical theory (Freudian psychology)
Buddhist life & practice
History of science
Buddhist sacred texts
History of specific companies / corporate history
Psychological methodology
Buddhist worship, rites & ceremonies
History of sport
Psychological testing & measurement
Building construction & materials
History of the Americas
Psychological theory & schools of thought
Building skills & trades
History of Western philosophy
Buildings & construction (Children's / Teenage)
History: earliest times to present day
Psychology of ageing
Bullying & anti-bullying strategies
History: specific events & topics
Psychology of gender
Business & management
History: theory & methods
Psychology: emotions
Business & management: study & revision guides
Hi-tech manufacturing industries
Business & the environment, ‘Green’ approaches to business
Business communication & presentation
HIV / AIDS: social aspects
Public administration
Business competition
Public buildings: civic, commercial, industrial, etc
Business ethics & social responsibility
Hospital infections
Public finance
Business innovation
Hospitality industry
Public finance accounting
Business mathematics & systems
Hotel & catering trades
Public health & preventive medicine
Business strategy
Housing & homelessness
Public health & safety law
Business studies: general
Housing law
Public international law
Calculus & mathematical analysis
Human biology
Public libraries
Calculus of variations
Human geography
Public opinion & polls
Calvinist, Reformed & Presbyterian Churches
Human growth & development
Public ownership / nationalization
Capital markets & securities law & regulation
Human reproduction, growth & development
Public relations
Cardiothoracic surgery
Human rights
Public safety issues
Cardiovascular medicine
Human rights & civil liberties law
Public speaking guides
Care of the elderly
Humanist & secular alternatives to religion
Publishing industry & book trade
Care of the mentally ill
Humanistic psychology
Purchasing & supply management
Careers guidance
Puzzles & quizzes
Quakers (Religious Society of Friends)
Cartography, map-making & projections
Hydraulics & pneumatics
Quantum & theoretical chemistry
Castles & fortifications
Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory)
Hydrology & the hydrosphere
Causes & prevention of crime
Radio & television industry
Cellular biology (cytology)
Illness & addiction: social aspects
Cellular physiology
Central government
Illustration & drawing software
Railway transport industries
Central government policies
Immigration law
Rap & Hip-Hop
Ceramic arts, pottery, glass
Real analysis, real variables
Ceramics: artworks
Impact of science & technology on society
Reference material (Children's / Teenage)
Cereal crops
Inclusive education / mainstreaming
Reference works
Chakras, auras & spiritual energy
Independent schools, private education
Reference works (Children's / Teenage)
Chamber ensembles
Indigenous peoples
Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects
Chaos theory
Individual actors & performers
Refugees & political asylum
Charities, voluntary services & philanthropy
Individual architects & architectural firms
Regional & area planning
Charity law
Individual artists, art monographs
Regional & national history
Chemical & biological weapons
Individual composers & musicians, specific bands & groups
Regional geography
Chemical engineering
Individual film directors, film-makers
Regional government
Chemical industries
Individual photographers
Regional government policies
Chemical physics
Industrial applications of scientific research & technological innovation
Regional studies
Industrial arbitration & negotiation
Regulation of medicines & medical devices
Child & developmental psychology
Industrial archaeology
Child abuse
Industrial chemistry
Rehabilitation: brain & spinal injuries
Child welfare
Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies
Relativity physics
Children’s & teenage literature studies
Industrial quality control
Reliability engineering
Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Industrial relations
Religion & beliefs
Children's / Teenage poetry, anthologies, annuals
Industrialisation & industrial history
Religion & beliefs: general interest (Children's / Teenage)
Children's / Teenage: general non-fiction
Industry & industrial studies
Religion & politics
Children's, Teenage & educational
Infectious & contagious diseases
Religion & science
Choral music
Information technology industries
Religion: general
Information technology: general issues
Religious & spiritual leaders
Christian & quasi-Christian cults & sects
Information theory
Religious & theocratic ideologies
Christian aspects of sexuality, gender & relationships
Inorganic chemistry
Religious aspects of sexuality, gender & relationships
Christian Churches & denominations
Insects (entomology)
Religious buildings
Christian communities & monasticism
Institutions & learned societies: general
Religious ethics
Christian institutions & organizations
Instruments & instrumentation engineering
Religious fundamentalism
Christian instruction
Insurance & actuarial studies
Religious groups: social & cultural aspects
Christian leaders & leadership
Insurance law
Religious institutions & organizations
Christian life & practice
Integral calculus & equations
Religious instruction
Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals
Intellectual property law
Religious intolerance, persecution & conflict
Christian ministry & pastoral activity
Intelligence & reasoning
Religious issues & debates
Christian mission & evangelism
Intensive care medicine
Religious life & practice
Christian mysticism
Intensive care nursing
Religious subjects depicted in art
Christian prayer
Interdisciplinary studies
Renaissance art
Christian prayerbooks
Interfaith relations
Renal medicine & nephrology
Christian sacraments
International arbitration
Reportage & collected journalism
Christian sermons
International business
Reproductive medicine
Christian social thought & activity
International communications & telecommunications law
Christian spirituality & religious experience
International courts & procedures
Research & development management
Christian theology
International criminal law
Research & information: general
Christian worship, rites & ceremonies
International economic & trade law
Research methods: general
International economics
Residential buildings, domestic buildings
International environmental law
Respiratory medicine
Church history
International finance
Responsibility of states & other entities
Circuits & components
International human rights law
Citizenship & nationality law
International humanitarian law
Retail sector
City & town planning - architectural aspects
International institutions
Civil codes / Civil law
International law
Revolutionary groups & movements
Civil engineering, surveying & building
International law of territory & statehood
Revolutions, uprisings, rebellions
Civil procedure, litigation & dispute resolution
International law of transport, communications & commerce
Civil procedure: law of evidence
International law reports
Risk assessment
Civil rights & citizenship
International maritime law
Road traffic law, motoring offences
Civil service & public sector
International organisations & institutions
Road vehicle manufacturing industry
Classic crime
International relations
Classic fiction (Children's / Teenage)
International trade
Rock & Pop music
Classic fiction (pre c 1945)
Internet guides & online services
Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church
Classic horror & ghost stories
Investment & securities
Roman law
Classic science fiction
Investment treaties & disputes
Classic travel writing
Iron, steel & metals industries
Romantic music (c 1830 to c 1900)
Classical Greek & Roman archaeology
Rubber technology
Classical history / classical civilisation
Islamic & Arabic philosophy
Rural communities
Classical mechanics
Islamic law
Russian Revolution
Classical music (c 1750 to c 1830)
Islamic life & practice
Sacred & religious music
Classical texts
Islamic studies
Climate change
Islamic theology
Sale of goods law
Clinical & internal medicine
Islamic worship, rites & ceremonies
Sales & marketing
Clinical psychology
IT & Communications law
Sales & marketing management
Clocks, chronometers & watches (horology)
IT, Internet & electronic resources in libraries
Sanitary & municipal engineering
Cognition & cognitive psychology
Satanism & demonology
Cognitive behavioural therapy
School/community relations & school/home relations
Cognitive science
Jewish studies
Science & technology: general interest (Children's / Teenage)
Cognitivism, cognitive theory
Journalistic style guides
Science fiction
Coins, banknotes, medals, seals (numismatics)
Science funding & policy
Colleges of higher education
Judaism: life & practice
Science: general issues
Colonialism & imperialism
Judaism: mysticism
Scientific equipment, experiments & techniques
Colouring & painting activity books
Judaism: sacred texts
Scientific nomenclature & classification
Combinatorics & graph theory
Judaism: theology
Scientific standards
Comic book & cartoon art
Judicial review
Commercial law
Jurisdiction & immunities
Sea life & the seashore
Jurisprudence & general issues
Second World War
Common law
Jurisprudence & philosophy of law
Secretarial, clerical & office skills
Communication studies
Juvenile criminal law
Security services
Communications engineering / telecommunications
Juvenile offenders
Semantics & pragmatics
Community & outreach services
Keyboard instruments
Semantics, discourse analysis, etc
Community nursing
Knowledge management
Semi-conductors & super-conductors
Company law
Labour economics
Semiotics / semiology
Company, commercial & competition law
Land & real estate law
Sentencing & punishment
Comparative law
Land rights
Service industries
Comparative politics
Landlord & tenant law
Set theory
Comparative religion
Landscape art & architecture
Settlement of international disputes
Competition law / Antitrust law
Sex & sexuality, sex manuals
Language acquisition
Sexual abuse & harassment
Complementary medicine
Language learning: audio-visual & multimedia
Sexual behaviour
Complex analysis, complex variables
Language learning: specific skills
Shakespeare plays
Computational linguistics
Language readers
Shakespeare studies & criticism
Computer aided manufacture (CAM)
Language self-study texts
Computer certification
Language teaching & learning (other than ELT)
Shipping law
Computer hardware
Language teaching & learning material & coursework
Short stories
Computer modelling & simulation
Language teaching theory & methods
Short stories (Children's / Teenage)
Computer networking & communications
Language: history & general works
Sign languages, Braille & other linguistic communication
Computer programming / software development
Language: reference & general
Signal processing
Computer science
Laser physics
Computer security
Laser technology & holography
Slavery & abolition of slavery
Computing & information technology
Sleep & dreams
Concert halls, arenas, stadia
Law & society
Sleep disorders & therapy
Condensed matter physics (liquid state & solid state physics)
Law & the elderly
Social & cultural anthropology, ethnography
Law as it applies to other professions
Social & cultural history
Congenital diseases & disorders
Law of the sea
Social & political philosophy
Conscious & unconscious
Law: study & revision guides
Social classes
Conservation of the environment
Laws of Specific jurisdictions
Social discrimination & inequality
Conservation of wildlife & habitats
Social forecasting, future studies
Conservation, restoration & care of artworks
Legal ethics & professional conduct
Social groups
Conservatism & right-of-centre democratic ideologies
Legal history
Social groups: clubs & societies
Conspiracy theories
Legal profession: general
Social impact of disasters
Constitution: government & the state
Legal skills & practice
Social impact of environmental issues
Constitutional & administrative law
Legal system: general
Social interaction
Construction & engineering law
Legal system: law of contempt
Social issues & processes
Construction industry
Social issues: war & conflict issues (Children's / Teenage)
Consumer protection law
Social law
Liberalism & centre democratic ideologies
Social mobility
Contemporary dance
Life sciences: general issues
Social research & statistics
Contemporary non-Christian & para-Christian cults & sects
Lifestyle, sport & leisure
Social security & welfare law
Contract law
Light orchestral & big band music
Social services & welfare, criminology
Conveyancing law
Limnology (freshwater)
Social theory
Cookery / food & drink etc
Social welfare & social services
Coping with death & bereavement
Social work
Coping with stress
Social, group or collective psychology
Copyright law
Literacy strategies
Socialism & left-of-centre democratic ideologies
Coral reefs
Literary companions, book reviews & guides
Society & culture: general
Corporate crime
Literary essays
Society & social sciences
Corporate finance
Literary reference works
Corporate governance
Literary studies: c 1500 to c 1800
Corruption in society
Literary studies: c 1800 to c 1900
Sociology & anthropology
Cosmology & the universe
Literary studies: classical, early & medieval
Sociology: customs & traditions
Cost accounting
Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers
Sociology: death & dying
Counselling & advice services
Literary studies: from c 1900 -
Sociology: family & relationships
Country & Western music
Literary studies: general
Sociology: sexual relations
Courts & procedure
Literary studies: plays & playwrights
Sociology: sport & leisure
Creative writing & creative writing guides
Literary studies: poetry & poets
Sociology: work & labour
Credit & credit institutions
Literary studies: post-colonial literature
Soft matter physics
Crime & criminology
Literary theory
Software Engineering
Crime & mystery
Literature & literary studies
Soil & rock mechanics
Criminal investigation & detection
Literature: history & criticism
Soil science, sedimentology
Criminal justice law
Living & working abroad
Solar system: the Sun & planets
Criminal law & procedure
Local government law
Solid state chemistry
Criminal or forensic psychology
Low temperature physics
Special kinds of photography
Criminal procedure
Machine learning
Spectrum analysis, spectrochemistry, mass spectrometry
Criminal procedure: law of evidence
Criminology: legal aspects
Magic, alchemy & hermetic thought
Critical care surgery
Magnetic resonance
Spirituality & religious experience
Management & management techniques
Sport & the law
Management accounting & bookkeeping
Sports & outdoor recreation
Management decision making
Sports injuries & medicine
Cultural studies
Management of specific areas
Sports management & facilities
Curriculum planning & development
Management: leadership & motivation
Sports psychology
Cybernetics & systems theory
Manufacturing industries
Sports training & coaching
Marine & freshwater mammals
Stained glass: artworks
Damages & compensation
Marine biology
States of consciousness
Maritime history
Statistical physics
Dance & other performing arts
Market research
Sticker & stamp books
Data analysis: general
Marxism & Communism
Data protection law
Material culture
Stocks & shares
Database design & theory
Materials / States of matter
Database software
Materials science
Street crime / gun crime
Dating, relationships, living together & marriage
Materno-fetal medicine
String instruments
Decision theory: general
Mathematical & statistical software
Structural engineering
Deconstructionism, Structuralism, Post-structuralism
Mathematical foundations
Study & learning skills: general
Decorative arts
Mathematical logic
Sufism & Islamic mysticism
Defamation law (slander & libel)
Mathematical modelling
Surface chemistry & adsorption
Defence strategy, planning & research
Mathematical physics
Demonstrations & protest movements
Mathematical theory of computation
Surgical techniques
Mathematics & science
Development economics & emerging economies
Maths for computer scientists
Systems analysis & design
Development studies
Maths for engineers
Systems of law
Developmental biology
Maths for scientists
Takeovers, mergers & buy-outs
Maturation & ageing
Dialect, slang & jargon
Mechanical engineering
Diaries, letters & journals
Mechanical engineering & materials
Mechanics of fluids
Taxation & duties law
Dictionaries of quotations
Mechanics of solids
Taxonomy & systematics
Dictionaries, school dictionaries (Children's / Teenage)
Media studies
Teacher training
Dietetics & nutrition
Media, information & communication industries
Teachers' classroom resources & material
Differential & Riemannian geometry
Medical & healthcare law
Teaching of a specific subject
Differential calculus & equations
Medical administration & management
Teaching of specific groups & persons with special educational needs
Digital lifestyle
Medical anthropology
Teaching of students with English as a second language (TESOL)
Medical bioinformatics
Teaching skills & techniques
Diplomatic law
Medical counselling
Teaching staff
Disability: social aspects
Medical diagnosis
Technical design
Discourse analysis
Medical equipment & techniques
Technical writing
Discrete mathematics
Medical ethics & professional conduct
Techniques of music / music tutorials
Discrimination in employment law
Medical genetics
Technology, engineering, agriculture
Diseases & disorders
Medical imaging
Technology: general issues
DNA & Genome
Medical laboratory testing & techniques
Domestic violence
Medical microbiology & virology
Terrorism law
Drama & performing (Children's / Teenage)
Medical profession
Terrorism, armed struggle
Drawing & drawings
Medical research
Textile artworks
Drug & substance abuse: social aspects
Medical revision aids: MRCP
The arts
Drug-induced states
Medical revision aids: MRCS
The arts: general issues
Dynamics & statics
Medical screening
The Cold War
Early history: c 500 to c 1450/1500
Medical sociology
The Early Church
Early learning / early learning concepts
Medical study & revision guides
The Earth: natural history general
Early learning: numbers & counting
Medical study & revision guides & reference material
The environment
Early learning: rhyming & wordplay books
Medical toxicology
The historical Jesus
Early learning: the senses
The Holocaust
Early modern history: c 1450/1500 to c 1700
Medicine: general issues
The Koran
Early music (up to c 1000 CE)
Medicolegal issues
The self, ego, identity, personality
Earth sciences
Medieval & Renaissance music (c 1000 to c 1600)
Theatre direction & production
Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning
Medieval European archaeology
Theatre studies
Eating disorders & therapy
Medieval history
Ecclesiastical (canon) law
Theoretical & mathematical astronomy
Eclectic & esoteric religions & belief systems
Memorials, monuments
Theory of architecture
Ecological science, the Biosphere
Theory of art
E-commerce law
Mensuration & systems of measurement
Theory of music & musicology
E-commerce: business aspects
Mental health law
Theory of warfare & military science
Mental health services
Thermochemistry & chemical thermodynamics
Economic & financial crises & disasters
Mergers & acquisitions law
Thermodynamics & heat
Economic forecasting
Mesoscopic physics
Economic geography
Thriller / suspense
Economic geology
Metals technology / metallurgy
Thrillers (Children's / Teenage)
Economic growth
Meteorology & climatology
Tibetan Buddhism
Economic history
Methodist Churches
Time (chronology), time systems & standards
Economic statistics
Microbiology (non-medical)
Economic systems & structures
Economic theory & philosophy
Torts / Delicts
Tourism industry
Economics of industrial organisation
Middle & Near Eastern archaeology
Trade agreements
Economics, finance, business & management
Middle Eastern history
Trade unions
Trademarks law
Migration, immigration & emigration
Traditional stories (Children's / Teenage)
Education & the law
Military & defence law
Translation & interpretation
Educational equipment & technology, computer-aided learning (CAL)
Military history
Transnational commercial law
Educational material
Military history: post WW2 conflicts
Transplant surgery
Educational psychology
Military life & institutions
Trauma & shock
Educational strategies & policy
Military veterans
Travel & holiday
Educational: Art & design
Mineralogy & gems
Travel & holiday guides
Educational: Business studies & economics
Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
Travel tips & advice: general
Educational: Citizenship & social education
Modern history to 20th century: c 1700 to c 1900
Travel writing
Educational: Design & technology
Molecular biology
Treaties & other sources of international law
Educational: drama studies
Monetary economics
Trees, wildflowers & plants
Educational: English language & literacy
Moral & social purpose of education
Tribal religions
Educational: English language: readers & reading schemes
Motorcycles: general interest
Tribology (friction & lubrication)
Educational: English language: reading & writing skills
Educational: English literature
Musculoskeletal medicine
Tropical medicine
Educational: General studies / study skills general
Museology & heritage studies
True crime
Educational: Geography
Museum, historic sites, gallery & art guides
True stories
Educational: History
True war & combat stories
Educational: IT & computing, ICT
Music industry
TV & society
Educational: Languages other than English
Music recording & reproduction
Typography & lettering
Educational: Mathematics & numeracy
Music: styles & genres
Educational: Music
Musical instruments & instrumental ensembles
Unexplained phenomena / the paranormal
Educational: Religious studies
Musical scores, lyrics & libretti
United Nations & UN agencies
Educational: Religious studies: Judaism
Educational: Sciences, general science
Mycology, fungi (non-medical)
Urban communities
Educational: study & revision guides
Urban economics
Educational: writing skills: handwriting
Myth & legend told as fiction
Urology & urogenital medicine
Egyptian archaeology / Egyptology
Usage & grammar guides
Elections & referenda
Napoleonic Wars
Vascular surgery
Electric motors
National & regional cuisine
Vehicle maintenance & manuals
Electrical engineering
National liberation & independence, post-colonialism
Veterinary medicine
Electrician skills
Veterinary medicine: laboratory animals
Electricity, electromagnetism & magnetism
Natural history
Veterinary pathology & histology
Electrochemistry & magnetochemistry
Natural history (Children’s/Teenage)
Vietnam War
Electronic devices & materials
Nature & existence of God
Violence in society
Electronic music
Nature Conservation law
Volcanology & seismology
Electronics & communications engineering
Naval forces & warfare
War & combat fiction
Electronics engineering
Needlework & fabric crafts
War & defence operations
Elementary mechanics
War crimes
ELT background & reference material
Neonatal medicine
Warfare & defence
ELT dictionaries & reference
Neural networks & fuzzy systems
Waste management
ELT examination practice tests
Neurology & clinical neurophysiology
Water industries
ELT graded readers
Water supply & treatment
ELT grammar
Wave mechanics (vibration & acoustics)
ELT grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation
New Testaments
Weapons & equipment
ELT literature & fiction readers
Non-graphic art forms
ELT non-book material & resources
Nonlinear science
Web programming
ELT resource books for teachers
Non-Western music: traditional & "classical"
Welfare & benefit systems
ELT self-study texts
Non-Western philosophy
Welfare economics
ELT workbooks, practice books & exercises
Nuclear chemistry, photochemistry & radiation
Western "classical" music
ELT: English for academic purposes
Nuclear issues
Western philosophy, from c 1900 -
ELT: English for business
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR / MRI)
Western philosophy: Ancient, to c 500
ELT: English for specific purposes
Nuclear medicine
Western philosophy: c 1600 to c 1900
ELT: English for technical & scientific purposes
Nuclear physics
Western philosophy: Enlightenment
ELT: learning material & coursework
Nuclear power & engineering
Western philosophy: Medieval & Renaissance, c 500 to c 1600
ELT: listening skills
Nuclear power industries
Wildlife: butterflies, other insects & spiders
ELT: reading skills
Nuclear weapons
Wildlife: mammals
ELT: speaking skills
Number theory
Wills & probate / Succession
ELT: specific skills
Numerical analysis
Wind instruments
ELT: teaching theory & methods
ELT: writing skills
Nursing & ancillary services
Women's health
Nursing fundamentals & skills
World music
Emergency services
Nursing research & theory
Worship, rites & ceremonies
Employment & labour law
Nursing sociology
Writing & editing guides
Employment & unemployment
Obesity: treatment & therapy
Writing skills
Employment contracts
Object-oriented programming (OOP)
Yearbooks, annuals, almanacs
Encyclopaedias & reference works
Occult studies
Zen Buddhism
Endangered species & extinction of species
Occupational & industrial psychology
Zoology & animal sciences
Occupational health & safety law
Zoology: Invertebrates
Occupational medicine
Zoology: Mammals
Energy & natural resources law
Occupational therapy
Energy industries & utilities

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