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Intellectual Property Commercialisation: A Business Manager's Companion 9780409319002 BC McGinness, P, , 20030204In_stock$128.00 $108.80 Buy Now
Issues in Australian Crime and Criminal Justice 9780409321289 BC Chappell, D, Wilson, P, 20050520In_stock$145.00 $123.25 Buy Now
Introduction to Property Law 9780409324426 BC Tooher, J, Dwyer, B, 20080910In_stock$119.00 $101.15 Buy Now
International Law: Contemporary Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition (Paperback) 9780409327038 BC Triggs, , 20101217In_stock$175.00 $148.75 Buy Now
International Law: Contemporary Principles and Practices - 2nd Edition (cased edition) 9780409327045 BB Triggs, , 20101221In_stock$299.00 $254.15 Buy Now
Intellectual Property: Cases, Materials and Commentary, 5th Edition 9780409329384 BC Ricketson, S, Richardson, M, Davison, M 20121130In_stock$169.00 $143.65 Buy Now
International Law: Current Concepts and Future Directions 9780409332780 BC M Rafiqul Islam, , 20131017In_stock$117.00 $99.45 Buy Now
Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, 2nd edition 9780409337358 BC Van Caenegem, W, , 20141219In_stock$125.00 $106.25 Buy Now
Investigative Interviewing Explained, 4th edition 9780409338119 BC Ord, B, Shaw, G, Green, T 20141002In_stock$55.00 $46.75 Buy Now
International Commercial Law, 6th edition 9780409341560 BC Mo, J, , 20151023In_stock$169.00 $143.65 Buy Now
Insolvent Investments (Hardback) 9780409340167 BB Maiden, S (Ed), , 20150730In_stock$183.00 $155.55 Buy Now
International Trade and Business Law Review, Volume XVIII 2015 9780409341584 BC Moens, G, , 20150220In_stock$156.09 $132.68 Buy Now
Introduction to Australian Public Law, 5th edition 9780409342598 BC Clark, D, , 20160315In_stock$115.00 $97.75 Buy Now
International Trade and Business Law Review, Volume XIX, 2016 9780409344134 BC Moens, G A, , 20160129In_stock$145.20 $123.42 Buy Now
Indigenous Knowledge Forum – Comparative Systems for Recognising and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Culture 9780409340662 BC Edited by Natalie P. Stoianoff, , 20161209In_stock$99.00 $84.15 Buy Now
Insolvent Trading and Fraudulent Trading in Australia: Regulation and Context 9780409343915 BC Gooley, J, Gooley, M, 20161108In_stock$109.00 $92.65 Buy Now
Intellectual Property in Australia, 6th edition 9780409345780 BC Stewart, A, Van Caenegem, W, Bannister, J 20171005In_stock$150.00 $127.50 Buy Now
Intellectual Property Collection 2018 9780409345803 BC LexisNexis, , 20171215In_stock$108.00 $91.80 Buy Now
Information Privacy Governance and Regulation in Australia: An E-Commerce Perspective 9780409345599 BC Rajaretnam, T, , 20181104Not_yet_available$130.00 $110.50 Buy Now
Information Privacy Governance and Regulation in Australia: An E-Commerce Perspective (Hardback) 9780409345605 BB Rajaretnam, T, , 20181104Not_yet_available$160.00 $136.00 Buy Now

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