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TitleISBNFormatAuthorCategoryRRPOur Price*Pub. DateAdd to Cart
Freedom of Information and Privacy in Australia: Government and Information Access in the Modern State 9780409319958 BookPaterson.Constitutional Law$266.00 $226.10 4/20/2005 Buy Now
Delegated Legislation in Australia, 4th Edition 9780409328257 BookPearce; Argument.Constitutional Law$250.00 $212.50 9/13/2012 Buy Now
Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries in Australia 9780409322545 BookPrasserConstitutional Law$240.00 $204.00 6/9/2006 Buy Now
Constitutional Law in Australia - 3rd Edition 9780409327144 BookHanks; Gordon; Hill.Constitutional Law$215.00 $182.75 1/9/2012 Buy Now
Hanks' Australian Constitutional Law: Materials and Commentary, 9th Edition 9780409331813 BookClarke; Keyzer; Stellios.Constitutional Law$175.00 $148.75 11/29/2012 Buy Now
Lumb, Moens and Trone The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Annotated - 8th Edition 9780409329223 BookMoens & TroneConstitutional Law$165.00 $140.25 11/9/2011 Buy Now
Constitutional Law in Australia - 3rd Edition 9780409327137 BookHanks; Gordon; Hill.Constitutional Law$149.00 $126.65 12/19/2011 Buy Now
The Federal Judicature: Chapter III of the Constitution Commentary and Cases 9780409325829 BookStelliosConstitutional Law$139.00 $118.15 2/24/2010 Buy Now
Principles of Australian Constitutional Law (2013) 9780409333640  KeyzerConstitutional Law$107.00 $90.95 7/5/2013 Buy Now
Butterworths Questions and Answers: Constitutional Law - Third Edition 9780409325874 BookOmarConstitutional Law$62.00 $52.70 5/3/2010 Buy Now
LexisNexis Study Guide: Constitutional Law 9780409324464 BookHarvey, Longo, Babovic & LigertwoodConstitutional Law$54.00 $45.90 3/23/2010 Buy Now
LexisNexis Case Summaries: Constitutional Law (previously Butterworths Student Companions) 9780409327816 BookPriceConstitutional Law$40.00 $34.00 8/24/2010 Buy Now
Quick Reference Card: Constitutional Law 9780409328127 BookTroneConstitutional Law$19.00 $16.15 2/16/2012 Buy Now

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